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West Los Angeles Wedding Photography | Renita + Alex

I am soooo excited to share Saturday’s gorgeous wedding, which took place in the Westwood neighboorhood of Los Angeles, with y’all! You may remember Renita + Alex as I blogged their stunning engagement about a month ago! They are two of the most lovely, caring, funny, gorgeous and just completely cool couples I have ever met, though I like to think it’s because all my clients are super awesome!! 😉 Alex and Renita had planned their wedding around the theme of “dreams do come true” which was perfect because that’s exactly what this wedding was!

Renita and Alex came into each other’s lives last October. They actually met at a Halloween Party/Halloween Horror Nights outing! Another sign they are my kind of people as, Halloween is my favorite holiday! But I digress. So these two met not even a year ago and quickly became smitten! But there were a few bumps, as there are in all relationships. A bit into dating, Renita actually decided it was over and wrote Alex a long email, saying she wanted to break up and she just put it all out there. She wrote out everything she was feeling and figured that was it. But Alex wasn’t ready to give up. He apologized and told her all he wanted for her to be happy and to find her dream man. And if she would give him a second chance he’d do everything he could do be that dream man for her. …Ladies, can we pause here for a second for a collective “AWWW!!!”…  Renita said that all she had been waiting for her whole life was a man she could be that honest and bold with, and who wouldn’t bolt because of it. Alex’s reply showed he was that man! And it’s been crazy-happy-giddy love ever since!

These two got engaged not even that long ago and have planned their wedding in just a couple short months! Lucky for them, they have an amazing community of friends and family who helped make their dream wedding come true! For example, a friend was the officiant for the wedding and gave them a heartfelt ceremony! Renita’s BFF helped put together the flowers for the tables at the reception. A family member made the ring bearer box. Another friend lent them her gorgeous Holmby Hills home for the wedding. And ALL the guests provided the sumptuous meal! It was potluck style and everyone was asked to bring a signature dish (could be an appetizer, side dish or dessert). People brought so many amazing treats, it was truly a sight to see! And everyone loved checking out what other guests brought and sampling each other’s food. Not only did their community gather around them, but I think the atmosphere of the day helped strengthen a bond between all the guests. By the end of the evening it was no longer Alex’s friends and family and Renita’s friends and family… it was one big union! It was perfect, and exactly, I think, what Renita + Alex wanted!

I am so excited to share the pics! Thank you Ami for assisting me, and to planner Katrina for coordinating this perfect day!… And now let’s begin with Renita getting ready at the W Hotel in Westwood.

I think this ring shot perfectly describes how Alex + Renita feel together!

Renita is SO GORGEOUS it’s mind boggling!

She had her BFFs help her into her dress! So lovely!

And once in that Reem Acra perfection, she diva’d it up for my camera really good!!



There were so many cute details to this wedding! I especially loved the bouquets and the cute ring box a family member custom made for the wedding!

They had a heart-warming ceremony literally surrounded by their family friends. Everyone was asked to gather in a circle around the couple, and it gave the whole ceremony that much more intimacy.

I think this pic shows just how giddy Renita was to be marrying her dream man!!

Just announced newlyweds! Again they look positively, radiantly, happy!

My FAVORITE shot of the day!! Squee!

How striking is Renita?!! I mean really!!!

Alex’s Dart made an appearance as their getaway car! SOOOO cute!!

Their reception was full of handmade, DIY details! Look at these cute signs which hug from their chars!

Loved all the little signs through out! Even on the centerpieces!

Alex and Renita had a potluck wedding! They chose their cake, but the dessert table (and dinner) was made up of goodies brought by guests! There were so many homemade goodies like baklava and pie pops! I loved that the dessert table was truly a labor of love!

I think this picture perfectly sums up the evening!!!

For more images from this charming dream-come-true wedding CLICK HERE or watch the slideshow below:

  • Mutzi - Ashleigh,

    You have a gift! Amazing eye; amazing love of what you do.

    Thanks for making the day so special for Renita and Alex with photos of remembrance.

    Are all the photos up on your site yet? Don’t know how to order, etc. I’s only getting mostly pre wedding photos.


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