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Best of 2014 | The Weddings

2014 was an incredible and crazy year! I shot sooooo many weddings this year– some while in the complete misery that is morning sickness– and yet I still had so much fun and created some gorgeous imagery! My couples were all so kind and sweet, which always makes things super easy-breezy and fun! And I got to shoot at some of Santa Barbara’s very best venues including The Bacara, The Biltmore Four Seasons, El Encanto, Sunstone Villa, Firestone Vineyard and Montecito Country Club, as well as some gorgeous private estates and 2 destination weddings in So Cal!  This post is very long because it was hard to narrow down this year to just 20 favorites! Enjoy all the pretty eye candy! Can’t wait to see what 2015 holds!

Speaking of which I only have room for 10 more weddings in 2015… if you would like to book please contact me!


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  • Lindsey - Gorgeous photos and wonderful moments captured! Cheers to a very successful and wonderful 2014, and here’s to an even more exciting 2015! Hugs

  • Heather - amazing!

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