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WPPI 2011 Recap

So it’s been, like, a MONTH since WPPI…and I never blogged about it. But I should have because it was awesome sauce.

For those who don’t know WPPI is the largest Wedding and Portrait Photographers conference and it takes place in Vegas every year. For some photogs it’s play, for some it’s networking, for some it’s a great learning experience, but for me it was all of the above. My days were filled jam packed with going to workshops/lectures, perusing the trade show, rocking photo shoots, hanging out with fellow photographers and FINE DINING of course. 😉

I carpooled roomed with two of my favorite people ever, Candice and Sarina

On the drive up it snowed….

So we pulled to the side of the road and took a few photos…of course!

It was pretty cold and wet so our photo session lasted about 5 minutes…. For Sarina, maybe two minutes! hehe!

Candice will brave anything for a photo which is why I <3 her!

The major highlights of my experience (besides eating at Bobby Flay’s restaurant) were the photo shoots I got to take part of. I will be posting pics from these two very Vegas shoots asap! So stay tuned for those!

Another highlight was seeing one of my albums used as a sample for the Leather Craftsmen booth at the trade show. Leather Craftsmen only had like 10 or so albums at their booth so mine really stood out! Take a look…

So cool!

The other thing I did at WPPI was go to several different lectures…my favorite speaker was definitely Jill La Fleur who spoke about wedding photography from a planner’s perspective! It was so interesting. Plus she decorated the conference room like it was a gorgeous wedding! It was sooooo beautiful and impressive! Made me kinda fall in <3 with her!

So that’s my little WPPI recap. Can’t wait for next year! Stay tuned for posts about my photo shoots!

  • Amber Moon - I love Jill from LaFleur too! And you! I just met her Jose Villa’s workshop!


  • Candice Benjamin - I loved Bobby Flay’s restaurant! So much fun and learning packed in so few days. 🙂

  • Sarina Love - ooo our snow pics! email me mine! hehe It was my first time ever seeing snow fall and I’m so glad I was with my 2 awesome friends! Thank you to you both for an amazing WPPI experience!

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