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Tuesday Top 5 | It’s Summer!!

This past week finally felt like SUMMER! 80 degree weather. Sunny days. Swimming pools. Love it all. Except when you are shooting a wedding outdoors in 90 degree weather, that IS a little rough. But still fun! Today it seems to have cooled off a bit, which I welcome because I’m too busy to swim this week. And if there is one thing I hate it’s a perfect swim day when you’re working too hard to take a dip. So continue week of coolness, you can stay till Sunday! 😉

And now its that special time of the week…another round of Tuesday Top 5!

1. Swimming. Well what is summer without swimming anyways? I am very blessed that my mommy who lives about 5 minutes away from me has a lovely swimming pool. I get to use it pretty much whenever I want and it is no doubt the best way to relax and beat the heat! The party really gets started when AJ & I get to swim with my niece & nephew too! I cherish these summer play days with them! Makes me feel like I’m in grade school on summer break…even though I’m not!

2. California Gurls. Yep, I have caught the bug. I am obsessed with Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” just like the rest of America! It’s one catchy jam, no? The video is kinda crazy and over the top, but I kinda love it too. Maybe I should start sporting a blue wig…JUST KIDDING!!!!

3. Man V. Food. Do y’all watch this show? If you don’t you’re missing out because it’s AWESOME!!! When it first came out I was prepared to hate it. I thought “great just what America needs. A show about a chubby guy trying to eat massive amounts of food. Most of which seems like junk food. Greaaaaaaat.” BUT I gave the show a chance and learned I was wrong. Yes, Adam Richman could stand to lose a few pounds. And yes, he does sometimes have to eat mass amounts of less than healthy stuff. But the show is more about him traveling to different American cities and finding some awesome awesome food. Also Adam Richman is hilarious and it is pretty entertaining watching try to take down the food. I would say 50% of the challenges aren’t even about big portions, many challenges just require him to eat something SUPERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR spicy. Anyways it a fun show and I suggest you watch it!

4. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Yes ladies you heard right. The BEST sale of the year is happening now. Brace yourselves and your bank accounts! You may ask why the Nordy Anniversary sale is THE best…And I will tell you! Because this is the one sale where you aren’t getting out of season items. Nay, you are getting the HOTTEST FALL STYLES ON SALE before the season even starts!!! Amazing! The only tiny issue is that it is a little hard to be in the mood to buy boots in July. But still. I already scored some Seven Jeans and a Miss Sixty Jacket. And it is taking all the strength in the world not to buy MORE. But that it was husband’s are for. To keep your shopping habits in line. Hehehe 😉

5. Being a busy photography bee. July has been without a doubt my busiest month for weddings as well as portrait sessions so far! I have been LOVING it. I am getting a major taste of life as a true full time photographer and I never ever want to go back. It’s great having so many fun shoots and really breathing photography on a daily basis. I want my life to be like this ALL the time. So I am super anxious for those 2011 bookings to start rolling in!! I have made it my duty to ensure next year is even more awesome than this year, if possible!

I will leave you with two shots AJ grabbed of me shooting my most recent engagement session! It was HOT and bright out which required me wearing a summer dress and sunglasses atop my head. Obviously.

…I was showing my client how to pose in that picture. Yeah it’s silly but it’s awesome too. In a giggly way.

Here I’m just rocking it out with my camera. Clickin’ the shutter and smiling. Because that’s how I roll. With sunglasses atop my head.

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  • Anna Kim - I wish we had a Nordstrom’s on Maui. They do have one on Oanu….I was tempted to fly there just for this sale….

  • Pinky - I love Katy Perry’s song, makes me wish I was a California girl 😉

  • Jenny - adorable shots. Keep up the good work you’re doing an amazzzzzing job!

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