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Tuesday Top 5

Another week, another Tuesday, another top 5! And this week it’s not all about food! But it is a little bit about food…because it’s me you’re talking to! So here we go!

1. THE ROYAL WEDDING. Yes, I got such a bout of Royal Wedding Fever that I had to capitalize it. Obviously I love me some weddings. So a major wedding event like the Royal Wedding gets me all giddy and crazy excited. I LOVED every second of watching it, and maybe I might have cried tears of joy at one point. That cannot be confirmed or denied. đŸ˜‰ Point is, I swooned the whole way through. Kate’s dress was amazing! LOVED the drop veil. LOVED the trees lining the church aisle. Loved her arriving in a vintage car. LOVED all the fascinators the guests wore. Love, love, love! The whole thing got me wondering…will any of my clients incorporate Royal Wedding inspiration in their big day?

2. Tasty Meat Truck. Last night was date night at the food truck lot with my hubs. We ate many things including sushi, dumplings and nutella wontons. But one thing AJ reallllllly wanted was something entitled “the iron box” from the Tasty Meat truck. It’s basically a box of fries topped with feta, tahini, and meat. I don’t eat meat…but I do eat fries. So when AJ offered me a fry I was all, Okay, I’ll just have one. Well…ONE fry turned into HALF THE BOX. Who knew fries could be even more deeeelicious with the addition of feta and tahini? Now it’s all I can think about. Give me the IRON BOX, hold the meat please! đŸ˜‰

3. Mexicali Taco & Co. Saturday I photographed a fabulous wedding…and I worked up quite an appetite. AJ had the perfect suggestion…a taco table nearby in downtown LA. A Taco Table, friends, is not a truck but a mobile grill. It pops up at night… and this one is LEGIT. It really is largely for carnivores but the fine folks at Mexicali made me a garlicky quesadilla  (entitled EL VAMPIRO). They have a lot of fresh salsas to top it with and some crazy tangy limed onions. Yummmers! It was GOOD! The best part though was sitting eating it in the parking lot, at nearly 11:00pm, with other in-the- know folks, with the entire backdrop of Downtown LA’s skyscrapers behind us. It was unreal and beautiful and tasty. And its moments like that where I feel I live in the best city in the world.

4. Words With Friends. Scrabble is probably one of my FAVE board games. And I play it like a beast! So when I got my friendly iPad 2, I was all heck yeah about the WWF app! I love to play but hateeee losing. I win pretty often but every once in awhile I face an opponent with (gasp!) superior scrabble skills than mine! I really thought I had the best skills too! Argh! Anyways, even when faced with a fiercer opponent than moi, I have so much fun playing this game! It rocks!!

5. The Office. I used to love The Office like whoa. But a couple years ago I felt it began to lose it’s funny and sparkle…BUT this season the writers have really been nailing it! I have been loving this year and laughing my pants off! I especially love Will Ferrell’s recent appearances on the show. I am sad Steve Carrell (aka Michael Scott) is leaving but I have enjoyed the extra funny that’s been happening lately! Here is a clip that makes me LOL!

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