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Tuesday Top 5

I am beginning to think that Tuesday Top 5 should be renamed Tuesday Foodsday or something because seriously I ALWAYS seem to talk about food. Sorry folks the most exciting thing in my life is what I eat. Which either makes me a food critic extraordinaire or really totally lame. I am gonna go with the foodie extraordinaire option. Anyway, here is my Top 5 for the past week! I spent most of the week with my mom visiting my grammy & grampy in Pam Desert so almost everything is based from there!

1. Sloan’s in Indio. If I could eat breakfast at one place, every day, for the rest of my life…I would choose SLOAN’S in Indio, CA! I have been going to this place (formerly known as Elmer’s) each and every visit to Palm Desert since I was a wee one. I’ve heard they make many tasty things at Sloan’s. But to be honest I have only ever eaten two things. I split these two things with my mom (or friend or husband) on EVERY VISIT. We start by splitting the Chile Relleno Omelet… yes a beautiful roasted poblano, stuffed with cheese, wrapped in eggy omelety goodness, and topped with spiiiicy salsa. Yum and yum. Then for something sweet I must get THE GERMAN PANCAKE. If you have never had a German Pancake, I feel very sorry for you. Seriously. They are heaven. They are light and puffy…kinda like a yorkshire pudding but big and sweet. Sloan’s makes the best one ever…I don’t know how but they just make it perfect. Plus they have coconut syrup on the table you can top it with. Done and done. 🙂 I was in the desert last week for 4 days and I ate at Sloan’s every morning. Much to my mother & grandmother’s chagrin. But seriously, it’s a crime to be within a 30 mile radius of Sloan’s and not go there!

2. Kobe in Rancho Mirage. So now you know I am obsessive about eating at Sloan’s every morning that I am in Palm Desert. Well friends, I am equally obsessive over my dinner. And for dinner in the desert it has to be KOBE. Always Kobe. Kobe is a teppan restaurant… like a Benihana…ONLY A MILLION TIMES MORE YUMMY. Why is it more yummy? I don’t know exactly…the menu is nearly identical. But the quality of ingredients and chefs are top notch. Their chefs have been with them forever too! Oh and it’s not a huge multi-national corporate chain. If you know me… I hate huge corporate chain restaurants. Gross. No Kobe has a local home grown feel… though they do have two Hawaii locations, still its only a chain of 3…not huge. Anywho, Kobe is BOMB and I always have the same thing. Teppan Shrimp. But no I never volunteer to catch a shrimp in my mouth. I’m not a seal. 😉

3. Hadley’s. Hadley’s is so good even Huell Howser has featured it on California’s Gold. Hadley’s is a fruit/nut stand, specialty foods, cafe type place in Cabazon. They sell lots of specialty dried fruits, nuts and candies…But what I love is their DATE BANANA SHAKE. I like to think it’s healthy since its chock full of dates and bananas, but yeah it is also full of ice cream. It’s deliciously thick and not too sweet! It is the perfect pick me up on the long drive to the desert! I just looooove stopping there!!

4. My Grandpa! My Grandpa is an awesome fellow. He is a whopping 90 years old, and even though recently he has been having some health issues, he looks incredible for his age. Most people think he’s 70. No lie. I wish his genes were mine but unfortunately he technically is my step-grandpa (my mom’s step-dad). But he’ married my Grammy lonnnnnnnng before I was born so to me he has always been my real grandpa. My grandpa is super handy and great with tools ad wood type projects. When I was little he even built me my own dollhouse that was a replica of my own house and it was awesome. This week he helped me with a craft project for a shoot I was working on and it just reminded me how great he is at being there for me with little projects and such. I am lucky to have him and hope he can make it to at least 100!

5. My Grammy! I have been fairly open about what a true miracle my grandma is! As I mentioned she had brain surgery due to a ruptured brain aneurysm about 6 weeks ago. At the time is was frightening and no one was sure she’d make it, or make it out with a full recovery. And though she still isn’t 100%, I saw this week how well my grammy is doing and how lucky we all are. My grandma is up and about, going to breakfast and shopping, and cooking for my grandpa. She is getting back to her normal life little by little and it is truly amazing. I love her sooooooooo much, but to be honest I have spent so many years taking her for granted. My grandma is relatively young– 77. And she lives in the desert. So for years I’d just be too busy to visit often. I had to shoot here in LA…and I figured there would be plenty of time later to visit. But 6 weeks ago I realized nothing is a guarantee. Anything can happen and you have to make time to see those you love…even though you are super busy. I promised myself if my grammy made it I would visit her more. I am so glad she did make it, so glad I spent 4 days with her this week, and I can’t wait to go to visit her again. She is the sweetest, prettiest, cutest lady. And I love her to pieces.

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