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Tuesday Top 5

Well folks, I’m back!!! I must apologize for my very long absence, but believe me, I would have much rather been blogging than stuck with the flu. Yep, I got hit with influenza. Hard. Like 102.6 fever hard. And it sucked. All I did was sleep, cough, sneeze, and barf. I couldn’t even eat for most of the week, which in my world is TRAGIC! But a lot of bed rest and liquids later and I feel a lot better. And I can’t wait to get back to blogging. So it’s Tuesday and let’s celebrate with a healthful Top 5!!! It’s also February!! Can you believe it?? I sure can’t!!

1. Lee’s Philly. Last night AJ & I hit up West LA Din Din A Go Go which is basically a bunch of food trucks parked in a lot around dinner time! We mainly went because AJ wanted to try the Grill Em All truck, but since I don’t eat red meat, that gave me the option to try a bunch of little items at several trucks. And try I did! One of the highlights was the spicy shrimp taco I got at Lee’s Philly truck. MMMM. I LOVED it. It had the perfect amount of crunch thanks to some rockin’ kimchee! It also had a delicious avocado lime salsa! And the shrimps were very plump and juicy. For $3 a taco, I’d say it was quite a steal! I’d love to have another one. Right now.

2. Fishlips Sushi. I also tried a spicy tuna hand roll from the Fishlips Sushi truck. I was pretty skeptical at first. I mean, I am a self-proclaimed sushi snob. Could sushi from a truck really be good? Cause super market sushi sure ain’t. Well, friends, let me tell you. FISHLIPS MAKES TASTY SUSHI! The truck basically looks like a sushi bar. And you just walk up and order almost as if you were eating at a sushi bar. Everything looked good and fresh. And I will definitely hit them up again to sample more of their offerings. But I can say that the spicy tuna rolla was delicious! It was everything you could want from a spicy tuna roll. The fish was well seasoned and had a great texture. It tasted super fresh. The rice was warm. The cucumbers were crunchy and the nori was snappy and chewy. Nom nom nom. Apparently they will be in my neighborhood for lunch tomorrow. It will take all my will power not to go have some more!

3. Nobu for Dine LA. YAY it’s DineLA time again! Woot!! When I was sick, I had but one simple goal. Get better so I can still go to Nobu. Well the reservations came and I certainly wasn’t 100%. But I wasn’t feverish, and I held down the previous day’s Matzo Ball soup…so I figured I was good enough to go to Nobu! Wow!!! It was so worth it (even though there were a few points during the meal I thought the room was spinning). The DineLA menu was a 5 course tasting menu so we really got to try a lot of various dishes….AND…we also ordered two extra items off the menu to share! Hey, you only live once! The highlight for me was the dry miso whitefish sashimi! Mmmm. It was very refreshing because of the yuzu sauce it came with. The other thing I loved was the yellowtail tartar with caviar that we ordered as an extra! Divine! Though I wasn’t totally myself, the outing was tasty! And I’m glad I pushed myself to go!!

4. Matzo Ball Soup. There is no greater comfort when I am sick than a good ole bowl of Matzo Ball Soup. I thank my Aly (that would be what I call my stepdad Al) for bringing me a quart of the goodness when I was too sick to move.  I definitely think I healed much faster because of this goodness. 🙂

5. New Brides!! January has been exciting month because I’ve gotten to meet several new brides!! I love how the 2011 roster is shaping up, and meeting new clients is always so exciting!! I am just giddy over the new couples I’ve met this month that have decided to book with me! And it looks like February also holds a lot of potential to meet more couples!! So exciting!!

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