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Tuesday Top 5

Before I start this Tuesday’s TOP 5, I’d like to tell you a “bottom” 5…or 1…cause it’s just one thing getting me down today and that is…..THAT THERE IS NOT A NEW GLEE ON TONIGHT!! Ugh. Glee, don’t you know you MAKE my Tuesdays?! Even worse, I am so excited for next week’s Rocky Horror episode that I can’t hardly stand it! Glee, you are in the dog house this week! Deal with it!

Anyways, in happier news, here is my TT5!

1. Soup. I think soup has been in the top 5 before, but I will give it another holla, because really? SOUP IS AWESOME! Nothing like getting cozy with a bowl of delicious soup to warm up a cold and rainy day. And it seems we have been having a LOT of cold and rainy days here in LA lately. But I am okay with that, as long as it means more soup!

2. Home made salsa. A few weeks ago, AJ borrowed Rick Baylesscookbook from the library and ever since he has been cooking up a Mexican storm in the kitchen. And I LOVE it because I LOVE mexican food. I LOVE it. And I don’t mean gringo Mexican food. I mean the real deal. In the past few weeks AJ has made chilaquiles, rajas con queso, mushroom and goat cheese tortilla soup, and enchiladas. But my most favorite thing he has made has been TOMATILLO SERRANO SALSA! It’s so good. I think I ate a pound of chips and salsa yesterday and guess what? I’m going back for more today! Right after I publish this in fact! Holla!

3. The “irresistible” face. I’ve always been good at making an “irresistible” face. You know, a face the men in your life just can’t say no to! I definitely had one for my dad whilst growing up. With AJ, he definitely really likes me, and pretty much never says no to me, so I never really needed to have one with him. 😉  But yesterday, I was begging him to make me more salsa because we had run out of batch numero uno (hahah I told you I liked that salsa) and he was kinda not giving in. That’s when I discovered a brand new “irresistible” face! One just for AJ. And it worked. He was superman and my face was kryptonite. As you see in paragraph #2, I gots my salsa! Heeeeels Yeah!

4. Oysters. Do I really need to explain why? Oysters. They are so delicious. I had a few this past week and I wish I could eat them EVERY week. I am obsessed with how they are briney yet sweet. And how the pop in your mouth. And how they melt in your mouth too. Yep, oysters, you are damn sexy. No wonder everyone wants to eat you!

5. The Bazaar by Jose Andres. OMG. OMG. OMG. Last Friday my momma and I went to Bazaar as part of Dine LA. We had been there before so we knew. We knew that Bazaar is amazing. I mean really, it is the hottest restaurant in LA right now. Definitely one of the “in” spots. It’s so amazing. The ambiance is incredible. The decor is by Philippe Starck and it is to die for. So chic and surreal and unexpected. And the food? Well that is to die for as well. We tried some old favorites as well as some new dishes. We LOVED the “Japanese Taco” which was eel and shiso all wrapped in thin cucumber. We LOVED our oysters. We LOVED our tuna ceviche roll. And we LOVED our garlic shrimp. Then there was dessert. That was also amazetastic! We shared a molten chocolate cake with cardamom, and also a flan that was better than any other flan I have ever had. It was heaven. Dear God, before I die please grant me a last meal at Bazaar first. Seriously, it’s THAT good! You must check it out!! 🙂

Left to Right: Photo of Carne Asada tacos (with the homemade salsa!) taken by AJ, The Bazaar By Jose Andres signage from, Rick Bayless’ “Mexico One Plate at a Time” from, and still from upcoming Rocky Horror Glee episode from

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