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Tuesday Top 5

Another Tuesday, another top 5! Let’s get to it!

1. Pumpkin Carving. Last Wednesday, I went to a pumpkin carving party with my friends and it was SO fun! I love Halloween and everything that goes with it, so of course I love carving Jack-o-lanterns! It was so much fun to sit with a group of friends while we all worked on our pumpkins and just chatted away! I was pretty pleased with how my pumpkin turned out! He was scary! I love a scary pumpkin! And one more cool thing is that AJ’s parents grew this pumpkin at their house!! How neat, eh?!

2. Dine La Week. If you read this blog, you have probably realized I LOVE food. I really do. I love all types of food, but I gotta say I am a big fan of the gourmet/fine dining scene. So naturally, when Dine LA Restaurant Week comes around I am all over it. For those who don’t know, during Dine LA week some of LA’s best and fanciest establishments offer specially priced, 3 course, prix-fixe menus. It’s a great way to try new places and save some pennies while doing so! I have already hit up Meet French Bistro and the famous Mr. Chow Beverly Hills. Both were AWESOME!! Friday I am ending Dine LA with a bang at one of my favorite restaurants of all time, The Bazaar By Jose Andres! Woot woot!! 🙂

3. Old friends. I am a lucky girl. My job has made it so that I am constantly meeting amazing people and therefore I am good at making so many great new friends. I am so thankful for that aspect of my job and I wouldn’t change it. But between the work involved in running my own business, and being married, and keeping up with new friends, it can be hard to make time for my old friends. You know, the friends that knew me when I was a high school drama nerd and just liked playing with cameras for fun! Last week, I saw my close friend from high school, Liz, and it was wonderful. I loved catching up and I realized how important it is to make time for old friendships! I will definitely take the time to slow things down and do this much more often!

4. Good neighbors. AJ and I have lived in the same place for four years, and I finally feel like we really know our neighbors. And I really like that! It feels so nice to be a part of a community and be able to hang out with the people who live just next door! Definitely a good thing to have a few friendly neighbors to count on! 🙂

5. IndieCade. Last weekend Downtown Culver City, which is where we live, hosted an Independent Gaming festival. It was set up kinda like an Art Walk…except it was a Game Walk! Cool eh? It was pretty fun walking around and just seeing people play all kinds of games! I really like the idea of it! Most of the games were of the video and computer variety, which isn’t my most favorite. I am a board game kinda girl. But AJ really loved it! And it was definitely a unique experience!

And since posts are always better with photos…Here’s a look at my pumpkin that I carved…WARNING: He is SCARY!!! hehe 😉

  • Candee - Hi Ashleigh, first time commenter but have been following your blog for a while. Love your pumpkin. My husband and I are going to be carving ours this weekend. =]

  • CC - awesome pumpkin! and how about those old friends who enjoyed at-home productions of camelot and 6th grade disneyland trips with you? haha 🙂

  • CC - awesome pumpkin! so how about those old friends who enjoyed at-home productions of camelot and 6th grade disneyland trips with you? haha 🙂

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