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Tuesday Top 5

Yay! I am back on track with a new installment of Tuesday Top 5! And I’m not too too late in the day either! Woop Woop! Okay here are this week’s top 5 picks!

1. Gardens of Taxco. Have any of you been here? I went for the second time last week and I just love it! It’s such a fun and festive little Mexican restaurant and a true LA establishment. This really isn’t your typical Mexican place. They serve Mexico City cuisine and have a 5 course prix-fixe menu. Except their menu? It’s not printed out! It’s this one little waiter, with like the cutest accent ever, and he has worked there FOREVER, and he just recites the menu to you. You don’t understand, this is like half the fun of going. Him reciting the menu. The same way each time. Using the same funny, colorful sayings to describe the dishes. “Chicken A La Crema is borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrn in theee sauce!” And my “garleeeeeeeeek shreeeeeemps are not hot but spiiiiiiiicy.” And AJ’s chicken mole is “the best moleee in town!” Hehe! I love it! I also love it because the food is mighty deeeeelicious! And they give you so much to munch on! Gotta say any place that gives me pickled veggies and fresh chips y salsa is gonna get some major props in my book. Throw in a funny waiter and succulent garlic shrimp and I am IN LOVE!

2. Komodo Truck. I don’t know what on Earth took two foodies like AJ and I so long, but we are finally on the food truck bandwagon! And we ain’t falling off anytime soon. Following our Kogi excursion, we tried the Komodo Truck. I really dug this truck. The two of us were able to get 4 tacos for $10 and share which made the perfect lunch! I had the spicy shrimp tacos and they were super good! But very spicy! And I think I can take a lot of heat! But these definitely had me sweatin’! AJ got a steak taco with corn salsa which he LOVED and a fish taco which we both agreed was pretty interesting. It had grapes on it so it played up on that whole savory/sweet thing. It was pretty good, but not as good as my shrimp! hehe! I would definitely go back to Komodo! It was the perfect little lunch for the two of us! And for a great price!

3. Ticket to Ride. I LOVE this board game. I love board games in general, but when I played it for the first time I really fell in love. It’s kinda complicated when you first start but its one of those games that you get the hang of fast and has a lot of strategy to it which makes it pretty fun! It is kind of an obscure game but I finally saw it at a game store yesterday! However I was bummed to find it retails for $50. IS IT MADE OF GOLD?! Hahaha! I kid. I’m not really a cheap person, but I gotta say $50 for a board game is a bit of a shocker. I think it will be the perfect thing to ask Santa for this year! After all, ’tis almost the season!!!

4. Rainy Days. I am sure you heard everyone and their mama talking last week about HOW HOT LA was. No really, it was hot. I have lived in Los Angeles my whole life and never experienced such a thing. It was NUTS. But then yesterday, the weather did a complete 180 and got chilly and rainy. You know, what you might expect in October! It was a pretty welcomed relief and I am really digging getting all warm and cozy and drinking pumpkin spice lattes. Perfection!

5. Dexter. OMG! Dexter is back and this season has me biting my nails, kids! I keep wondering if Dexter is gonna get found out…That Quinn just seems up to no good, you know? I really love this show, but after last season’s game changing finale, I have NO CLUE how things will pan out. But I am enjoying having it back on air and going along for the ride. Michael C. Hall is one of my fav actors ever and he is not disappointing! Love it! What are your thoughts on this season?? Let me know in the comments below!

Images used from Starbucks website, Dexter official SHO site, Ticket to Ride site, Gardens of Taxco site, and Komodo Truck site.

  • Christina - Yum! You said it again…. Garlic shrimp!!! Now I really have to try this Gardens of Taxco. The weather has been pretty trippy, but I’m glad we are back to normal fall weather. I love it! Thanks for TT5 🙂

  • Alison - DEXTER!!! We are obsessed with it, too. I am still very distraught about how Season 4 ended… I think I moped about it for a few days after we saw it and it was just a couple weeks prior to Season 5’s opener. And yes, this season is amazing so far — no surprise there — and Michael C. Hall is a genius. Fantastic writing and performances. The week between shows is empty… yay for Sunday nights!! Let’s dish over Dexter this season, Ashleigh!!

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