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Tuesday Top 5!!!

You have to forgive me for my tardiness lately with TT5 and for totally skipping it last week. I hate excuses. But here’s an  explanation, just so you guys know what’s up. I am the executor of my grandparents estate (being the only child of an only child is awesome…that was sarcastic) and I have to have their stuff cleared out of their apartment by June 29th. And apparently my grandma saved everything!! So it’s literally been a full time job. Spending all day at my grandparents working, packing, getting dusty…and then I come home and I’m pooped! Plus its full swing wedding season so I have a lot of things to edit. TT5 has kinda become a burden.

And I really didn’t even think people cared about or liked TT5…but apparently you do! Because there have been many sad emails as to what’s going on with it! And that makes me sad that I’m letting my readers down! So I will try my darndest this month to keep up with the Tuesday Top 5 postings, but please forgive me if they are a little late. Anyways…I’ll stop whinin’ and get down to biznass.

1. Etsy. I have been obsessed with Etsy for some time. I discovered it back in 2008 when I was planning my own wedding. Brides, if you don’t know about Etsy then whoaaa you need to learn!! It’s a site where craftsy, artsy peeps can sell their awesome handmade goods or vintage treasures! It is AMAZING! Want art for your house? You can get it on Etsy. Want a wedding ring? You can get it on Etsy. Want clothes, accessories, and amazing hair adornments? You can DEFINITELY find it on Etsy. I <3 Etsy forever.

2. Hawaii. OMGGGG. So my mom & I are taking a trip to visit our cousins who live on Oahu this summer. We last visited them in 2007. So it was definitely time to see them again!! Though Oahu isn’t my favorite island, heck, I sure will take it! Plus we are staying in Kailua which I know I will enjoy more than being in the hustle and bustle of Waikiki! We will be close to Lani Kai…one of the world’s most GORGEOUS beaches! So I am pretty friggin’ stoked!! I actually am DYING to organize a stylized Mr. & Mrs./Trash-The-Dress session while there so if anyone knows any newlyweds on Oahu or even some awesome Oahu based vendors (planners, florists, etc) please send them my way!

3. Sex and the City 2. Yeah I loved it. Yeah I am obsessed. I am a modern chick, what can I say?! I really had a fabulous time watching this movie and I laughed my pants off! I love Carrie and the girls. Always have, always will. And the fashions?? Amazing! I gotta say I get jealous of all the luxury! That trip to Abu Dhabi?? FABULOUS. I’ll fly on that first class suite any day! 😉

4. Kitty Lightshow Laser Pointer. The hubs was an awesome kitty-daddy this week and scored a free laser pointer thingy at our pet store! The cats LOVE chasing the laser light so much! They go bananas. And honestly? It’s THE FUNNIEST THING EVER!!! It’s like having a live youtube video in my house! LOLZ forever. It’s so cute because now the second we pick up the pointer, before we even turn it on, they are BOOM– right there! Ready and waiting with the widest, most excited eyes you have ever seen. It’s awesome.

5. The Bacara. OMG, I shot a fab wedding at Bacara last Friday and it was amazetastic! I have been dying to go to Bacara since I saw a Great Hotels with Samantha Brown episode highlighting the resort back in 2005. Okay, yes, I am a dork! But seriously! What a gorgeous place. And the gardens are everywhere and smell SOOO good. Man, now I wanna go there for a weekend getaway. I must! I must!

And now here is a picture of me being a superstar photog at the Bacara. I look cute eh? Anywho, I will be blogging this wedding soooo sooon! Soon soon!!

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