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Tuesday Top 5

Whoa dudes! What is up with this gloomy weather?! I feel like its winter and all I wanna do is hibernate. But there is WAY too much to do to hibernate! Like, for example, it’s time for another round of Tuesday Top 5!

1. Escalate Live Broadcast! Did I ever mention, I LOVE a good deal? 😉 Well, over the last two days a really cool photography conference that was a couple Benjamins to go to in person…but then they decided to live stream it for FREE! That’s free knowledge guys! Love it!!!! So the past two days I have been multi-tasking, doing editing and chores while listening to all the good info being preached by Becker, Jasmine*, David Jay, Dane Sanders, Jessica Claire, Jerry Ghinois and more! It’s awesome. Getting smarter, saving money, and getting things done. BOOM! That’s awesome.

2. Sentimental Finds. So I have been tasked with the overwhelming job of cleaning out my grandparents’ condo. Well, I am the co-executor of the estate with my dad…but he is only coming into to town for a week since he doesn’t live here so I needed to get a head start…my grandparents had SOOO much stuff! As daunting of a job it is to clean out someone’s whole home, someone’s whole life basically, but there have been so many good memories unearthed along the way. Found photos. Found figurines I used to play with. The doll they bought me in Arizona. My baby clothes that they saved. It’s crazy emotional but so sweet at the same time. It’s weird how a simple object can bring up so many memories & sentiments. But its wonderful too.

3. Vinatge Cameras! Speaking of finding stuff at my grandparents…I found two really old cameras! One is like hella old, you know the kind that looks like basically a black box with a pinhole? Sweet! I also found something called a Kodak Instamatic, which apparently is an old school point and shoot. I don’t think either one works, but they just look cool! I will definitely be treasuring them & putting them on display.

4. HGTV. I go through phases where I am into HGTV. Sometimes I get sick of it and will not watch for 6 months or more. But right now I am back into it. My favorite thing is watching the shows about selling & buying since buying is like a may-jah goal for me in the next 2-ish years. Now, I’d like to ask, where the heck does HGTV find the people to be on the shows?!!! They are SOOOO stoopid! Yes I spelled “stupid” as “stoopid” to hilight how lame these people tend to be. They will see a house and its perfect, in their price range which by the way isn’t too high, spacious…and they hate it because of paint color, or cabinet facades or even worse the bathtub needs to be cleaned!! Seriously, a dirty bathtub is gonna ruin this sale?!! Get yo’ self some comet and scrub it homie, and it will be fine!!!! Ughhhh. It just really bothers me. But it also makes me laugh hardcore.

5. Peaches. I love a good peach. Or plum. Or apricot. I enjoy stone fruits basically. But only if they are sweet! It sucks to bite into a flavorless stone fruit. Majorly disappointing. But one of my husband’s student’s  gave him a bag of fresh picked peaches. And they rule! Num nummy nummers nummerton! I love them!

And now here’s a very teasey teaser of a wedding I will be blogging soon!  Stay tuned, friends!

  • sean - even i watched a little of escalate there! ha!
    great stuff, ashleigh!

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