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Tuesday Top 5

I’m back in action with another installment of Tuesday Top 5! Here we go!

1. Turbie Twist. I got a Turbie Twist in my holiday stocking last December and can I just say this thing rocks my world. In fact I have one on my head as we speak! What is a Turbie Twist you may ask? It’s a highly absorbent terry cloth towel perfectly shaped to create a turban on your head. Get out of the shower with wet hair, put turbie on, twist and done! Voila! Wet hair is out of your way! There is nothing more I hate than when I’m in dry clothes and wet hair in sitting on my back. Yuckkkk. Oh and I have never been a fan of the blow dryer. Ever. So Turbie Twist is my new BFF. LOVE.

2. Game of Thrones. Yay for new HBO shows! Especially the scandalous britishy ones! Gotta love! Game of Thrones premiered last night and I’m already hooked. I can’t wait to see where this season goes!

3. Homemade Gnocchi. My hubby has turned into quite the chef!!! A week ago he attempted to make gnocchi using Anne Burrell’s recipe. It was a HUGE FAIL. The gnocchi turned into mush when they got boiled. It was sad. But then our favorite Fabio Viviani posted his gnocchi recipe on his blog and AJ decided to try again. And success!! Deeeelicious deeelicious homemade gnocchi. AJ is hoping that this will make me want to leave him for Fabio a little less. To which I say, AJ you better figure out how to talk in a cute Italian accent too! I kid, I kid.

4. Pink toes! My toe’s are painted hot pink right now and I love it! There is truly nothing better that perfectly pedicured tootsies! I always say I am gonna treat myself to pedicures more often but so often time just slips away! Now that sandal weather is here I intend to get my tootsies treated much more often. AJ even told me I should. Gotta love the husband’s approval!

5. Lady Gaga’s “Judas”. We all know that I am thoroughly obsessed with GAGA. So when her new single “Judas” hit airwaves on Friday I was all heck to the yeah!!! I download that single asap and have been playing it on a loop ever since. Bless my husband’s heart for not complaining about it, though I am sure it is highly annoying. We don’t quite see eye to eye on musical tastes… but I’m kinda glad about that as I proudly have the musical taste of a gay man! Anywho, yes “Judas” does sorta have the exact same formula as “Bad Romance”…but hey at least it doesn’t sound exactly like one of Madonna’s songs! Score for GAGA! Listen to “Judas” below!

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