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Tuesday Top 5

Wow, I can’t believe this is my first Tuesday Top 5 of 2011! Sorry for the brief holiday hiatus with these! But now I’m back in the swing of things and ready to share! So without further ado let’s talk Tuesday Top 5 Two Thousand Eleven!!!

1. Hirozen Sushi. This is hands down one of my top 5 places to get sushi in LA and I had lunch there yesterday so it’s fresh on my mind! I love love love this place! What makes Hirozen so special? Fresh sushi. Unique and exotic fish. Good ambiance and service. And their lunch special. You see, on weekdays they have the BEST lunch special ever called “Chef’s Special Assorted Sushi.” You basically get a platter with tuna roll and 7 pieces of Chef’s choice ngiri. But the thing is you are getting really unique and tasty fish– not your average tuna, salmon, whitefish, octopus platter. I’ve gotten to try so many exotic things on the lunch platter from abalone to white salmon to Tasmanian sea trout. I absolutely loveeeee getting the chance to eat at Hirozen and highly suggest you do too!

2. Three Day Weekends. I work from home soooooo a lot of people don’t get why I’d even care about 3 day weekends. But I do. Because 3 day weekends mean I get extra time with my hubby and/or an extra day to get weekend lunch with my mom! It can get kinda lonely working from home and during busy wedding season I’m not usually around on weekends which is when of course my family is. So yeah, 3 day weekends are awesome! An extra day to just be with the ones I love. I’m thankful I got to spend yesterday with them and can’t wait for the next 3 day weekend to roll around!

3. Breaking Bad. OMG! So AJ and I just started watching this show from season 1. Currently we are mid season 2 and dangggggg this show be gangsta homies! Seriously, I love Weeds and this show is kinda like that…but different. I always think its fun watching a show or movie where an innocent person goes bad! Maybe that’s because I’m a goody-goody and I need to live vicariously through someone! Whatever the case this show is awesome and I’m hooked! I guess season 4 starts soon and hopefully AJ and I can catch up to it by then! Sweet!

4. American Pickers. Double OMG! Who watches this show? If you don’t you should! The title does sound a bit odd and its on History Channel so for a long while I had written it off as most likely lame. Then I gave it a chance and realized I didn’t even know what the show was about. Basically the show chronicles these two guys who run an antique store in Iowa as they travel America looking through people’s “junk” and finding some amazing antiques! I’m blown away by the stuff they find, it’s pretty amazing!! I’m also blown away by their patience and willingness to dig through dark, dusty, bug and rat infested crevices just to find some “rusty gold.” I don’t think I could ever be a picker but I’m sure fascinated by what they do and what they find! If you have any interest in vintage stuff and antiques you gotta check this show out! It’s awesome!

5. Big Love Season Finale Premiere. Ahhhhhhh! Big Love on HBO is, like, my favorite hbo show! And this season is the last! SADDDDDD! But like any good HBO fan, I have been waiting for months hotly returning the Premiere of the final season! It happened Sunday and the show did not disappoint! It’s so good though which only makes it that more painful that this is the last season! Still, I can’t wait to see what’s in store and how the story of the Henrickson’s unfolds!! 🙂


  • Tracy - Omg! Love Hirozen! I used to go there for lunch all the time! I worked at the free clinic across the way years ago. And love jones on third too!

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