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Tuesday Top 5

So sorry the TT5 has been absent! Blame it on flu season! But now it is back again and I’m excited to share this week Top 5’s with you!! So here goes:

1. Thanksgiving. I haven’t blogged since Thanksgiving…but my Thanksgiving was awesome! I cooked and ate so much yummy food and spent the evening with my family! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Perhaps because food plays a central role. But mostly because the focus isn’t on presents, it’s just about sitting down at eating a good meal with those you love. And appreciating the good in life. And this year? It has had a LOTS to be thankful for. Especially, wonderful friends & family, my husband, our two amazing kitties and my FABULOUS clients!! 🙂

2.  Throat Coat Tea. If you got a soar throat, I HIGHLY recommend this tea. Not only is it yummy (it has a licorice taste) but it is SOOO soothing and really does help make your throat feel better. This is my secret weapon during cold and flu season, and has been for years! LOVE it!

3. Pitbulls and Parolees. When I was sick, I watched a whole lot of TV. Especially at times I don’t normally watch TV…so I got exposed to some new shows. I found myself watching a whole lot of History Channel, Animal Planet and Nat Geo. One show I discovered that really touched my heart is Animal Planet’s Pitbulls & Parolees. It’s all about the Villalobos Rescue center, where they rescue and rehabilitate pitbulls, and also employ parolees to help care for the dogs. This is a show about second chances and redemption, which I found really touching and inspiring. I also got so moved by the different stories of the rescued pitbulls. These dogs have been through SO many hard times, from being forced to be fighting dogs, to being abused, abandoned, and left for dead, to surviving storms like Hurricane Katrina. The center has 200 doggies that need loving homes and it BREAKS my heart. What Tia and her team do for misunderstood dogs, and people, is amazing and really inspiring. So now I’m kinda in love with this show!

4. Boardwalk Empire. Boardwalk Empire had been my newest favorite HBO show! I’m in love! The costumes, the sets, the actors, the writing! It’s all fantastic! And it definitely makes me so curious about the 1920s! What an intriguing era in history! Last night was the season finale of Boardwalk Empire and I’m already sooooo anxious for season 2!! No clue where the story is gonna go, but I cannot wait to see more!!

5. The Glee Wedding. I know I’m a bit behind here, but I haven’t done a TT5 since this episode aired…so HOW MUCH DID WE LOVE THE GLEE WEDDING??!! Well, I definitely did. I gotta admit…I cried! It was a really cute episode and I found myself secretly wishing it was real and I was hired to be the wedding photographer. Yeah you can say it, I AM A NERD! But whatever, I am a sucker for misfit teens singing show-tunes. Maybe the Glee trend will catch on, and next year I will shoot a wedding where the bridal party not only dances down the aisle, but also sings! In perfect harmony. Asking too much??

photos left to right: 1) good stuff and hot tv 2) about knowledge 3) homorazzi

  • erika - I love boardwalk empire too, it inspired our halloween costumes this year. I cried w/ the glee wedding too, you are not alone 🙂

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