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Tuesday Top 5!!

It’s that time again! Another round of Tuesday Top 5 for your reading pleasure!

1. Jasmine Star on Creative Live. So I don’t know if y’all know, but if you are a photog you probably do…Jasmine Star did an amazing FREE online streaming workshop for 5 days. It was put on by the amazing Chase Jarvis and Creative Live team. Creative Live puts on all kinds of free online workshops for the art community, but seriously? The Jasmine Star event may have been the biggest thing they have ever done! Jasmine not only walked through how she runs her business, lots of Q&A, but she also shot an ENTIRE wedding LIVE so we could see exactly how she shoots a big day. And then the next day she showed us her entire edit. It was SERIOUSLY AMAZING. And I learned so much. It was a great thing for me because I saw that I do many things similarly which was an affirmation that I do things right and know what’s up. But it also showed me some things I never knew about and also areas which I know I can improve. And really, that was the whole point of watching. To learn, and challenge myself and GROW. Thank you so very much Jasmine for being a complete open book! You have helped the community (and me as an individual) SO much more than you know! And thank you so much to Creative Live for putting on this extraordinary event! WOWZAS! Y’all rock! …and clients? Y’all should know this experience has pushed me to grow and dream so much farther! Ashleigh Taylor Photography is ONLY going up from here! 🙂

2. Kimchi. I have been working A LOT lately and I really needed a little date night. AJ asked me where I wanted to go and we ran through our list of usual places. Then he said…”I know, you want Tofu-Ya, right?” And internet, I was shocked! Cause that boy just read my frickin’ mind! “How did you know?” I asked. His response? “I saw kimchi floating above your head.” LOLZ forever. Yes, sometimes I crave kimchi and tofu soon and apparently it floats above my head like I am a cartoon character. We waited nearly 35 minutes to get a seat at Tofu-ya that night but it was SO worth it! 🙂 That kimchi totally hit the spot! Mmm mm mmm mmm good!

3. The Switch. On Sunday I went to see The Switch with my mom, and OMG, I LOVED it! Ok so is it a cheesy romantic comedy and therefore somewhat predictable? Yes. But you know what I really don’t care. It was really cute. And super funny. And ummm the little boy in that movie is ADORABLE! I want a little boy JUST LIKE THAT! Cause that kid? He was stinkin’ cute and sweet! I came home telling AJ about it and went through a “awww I want a baby phase.” Then AJ reminded how much work children are and how you have to change their diapers and I was all…oh yeah I’m still so not ready for that! LOL. No, one day I do wanna be a momma. Hopefully to an awesome cute little kid. But right now? Soooo not ready. Maybe in about 4 or 5 years. Unless another romantic comedy messes deeply with my mind before then! hehe 😉

4. InfoMania. Do any of you watch this show? AJ and I LOVE it! It’s on Current TV and it’s a clip show…kinda like how Best Week Ever used to be…only this is a bit edgier and smarter. I LOVE the social commentary segments like Brian Safi’s “That’s Gay” but I also just like the pure hilarity of Brett Erlich’s “Viral Video Film School.” Oh and don’t forget Sergio Cilli’s “White Hot Top Five” and “Music Intervention”! I love it! It’s a super funny show and I totally suggest trying it out if you like funny stuff and TV. hehe 😉

5. Aarti Party. So I am like a HUGE Food Network nerd and I could not have been happier when Aarti won Next Food Network Star. Fun facts: Aarti and I both used to write food reviews for at more or less the same time. We also live around the same area and like some of the same Indian food joints. So what I am trying to say is, clearly, we are BFFs and I was rooting for her! Now home girl has her own show, and I LOVE it. I have been saying forever that I wish there was an Indian cooking show on Food Network because dang I love me some Indian food! And now it has happened! Oh happy day! Oh happy day!

From left to right: Aarti from, The Switch movie poster from the official website, Infomania cast from the official website, and tasty kimchi from the kimchi wikipedia page.

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