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I <3 Shootsac

I absolutely heart my Shootsac! For those of you who don’t know what Shootsac is, its a lens bag NOT a camera bag! You wear it while you shoot, and it hold your lenses while you hold your camera. This way when you want to switch lenses, you have 3 choices right at your fingertips. I especially love this, because I only shoot prime lenses which means I often need to switch lenses!

I love this bag because its light and unobtrusive! I am a TINY human being. If you haven’t met me, you don’t realize I’m sure…but I’m only 4’11” and weigh about 85lbs. So I hate bulky bags or bags made with heavy materials. Hey, my lenses are heavy enough thank you very much 😉

Another cool thing about Shootsac is that its fashionable. Shootsac makes interchangeable covers so you can have your bag match your brand, your mood, your style.

When I saw this HOT pink cover at the Shootsac Holiday party I squealed, “OMG this is soooo me!” It just is. The colors, the pattern…so very me. So my taste and personality. Better yet its one of the limited covers, because it was a sample that never went into production, so not many people have it. One thing I hate is to be like everyone else. I really HATE when someone has my exact clothes or jewelry or purse or whatever. So this cover is awesome because I can feel unique when I rock it!

So photogs out there, if you don’t own a shootsac what are you waiting for homies?! And brides & grooms who probably are thinking there is nothing in this post for them… au contraire… you can rest assured your photog will always be able to get the shot, because my lenses are always on hand! Sweet, right?
  • cindee bae - Yup, ordered mine last really late last night, can’t wait to get them in my hands, eek!! 😉 Hope your having fun in vegas~

  • s h e r r y - That is a CUTE cover! I really wanted the pink polka-dot one, but now they’re sold out 🙁 🙁

    And MAN! You are a TINY human being. Holy smokes, haha- pocket sized!

  • Caitlin - love that cover 🙂 so cute!

  • Jennifer Brotchie - Cute cover!

  • Jen Johnson - I totally bought this one, too!!! And naturally, I wore it in Vegas with a hot pink scarf…it is THE perfect accessory. ; )

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