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Life Lately

Hi Interwebs! It’s a been awhile… to be quite honest I have been enjoying slow season. Going to client meetings. Having engagement sessions. And working on the back end of my business…. mainly goals, business plan revisions, and outlining how to make 2012 even more awesome for my clients! It’s been a lot of work…and a lot different from the fast pace of wedding season. But I’ve been digging it.

I’ve also been…adjusting…

Adjusting to what? Well, my new life here in Santa Barbara. Being a total LA girl for 26 years, living somewhere new has been very interesting. I’ve been up, down and all around. I do LOVE being here in SB. It is beautiful. It is very community oriented. It’s kind of got a hippie vibe I dig. It has, as I am discovering, some yummy food. It’s not fast paced like LA. And I can’t get anything I want at anytime of day (say for example Korean food or food trucks or a romp around good ol’ Target). I can’t see my mom every Sunday for brunch…. But even though it ain’t LA, it is nice. And the best thing about Santa Barbara is that it has my husband. And now my cats. And I’m enjoying us being together again like a family.

I’ve also been adjusting to be a home owner and living in our new place! I never in a million years realized a) how much stuff we owned and b) how hard unpacking and organizing is! As a renter, I never cared much to decorate or have my space perfectly organized. But now that this place is OURS it is sooooo important to me to have it be nice, cutely decorated, organized and tidy. My goal is to have it be nice enough even to use as a home studio/meeting space…and even as a spot for some saucy boudoir shoots. More on that later… But needless to say when I haven’t been working on my business, I have been working on my home.

And…totally neglecting my blog! For which I apologize! So with that said I promise to blog more. To reinstate my weekly “i <3 this” and “inspired ideas” posts… and to blog more faqs and purty pictures! So let’s begin now, shall we?

Here is life lately…courtesy of my instagram!

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