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The next 3 weeks are going to be CRAZY for me, but crazy in a good way. Each week I have one workshop coming up! Wooohoo for learning! I’m a little nervous but really excited, because I know I am going to learn a ton and be a way better photog and businesswoman when this month is over.

So photogs out there, I definitely think you should check out different workshops, and choose based on what you want to learn. Do you want to learn branding, or lighting, or post processing, or how to build a better business? I have chosen the three this month based on what I want to learn most and where I feel I need to improve! The thing about workshops though…is that they are kinda addicting! Sooo many good choices out there and so much to learn.  To prove my point, my friend Michelle Kane is doing a worskhop in Napa this year focusing on shooting & post-processing. Seriously, napa, photography, how fun does that sound?!!!

Check it out:

  • s h e r r y - Whoa! I know you’re doing a J* one, what are the others?!?!? 🙂

  • Sean - WOW! Are you going to be inspired or what over the next while! I’m SO excited for you!

  • Vida Carson - AH! That’s so exciting!!

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