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i <3 this: homeland on showtime

By now everyone who reads my blog should know I am a HUGE fan of HBO and Showtime original programming. More so the former, but every now and then Showtime really hits it out of the park with a show as good as anything on HBO. Homeland is one of these shows, and is quickly becoming my favorite TV show this fall! Full of espionage, mystery and intense moments, Homeland has me hanging on at the end of my seat with each and every episode. And the acting by Claire Danes and Damian Lewis is so convincing, and so good… even when they have scenes filled with silence they manage to be completely compelling. And is it just me or is Damian Lewis like SUPER SEXY? I usually can’t get past crooked teeth, but for Damian I am willing to try! hehe!

I am definitely a huge new fan of this show and can’t wait to see where this premiere season will take us! Any thoughts? Any of my readers watching this amazingness?

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