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I’m baaaaaaaaaack….sorta

OMG, internet. I apologize. Like seriously. I feel as if I have abandoned all of you. 🙁 There are honestly no words to describe how crazy the last few months have been for me personally. Honestly, even I am amazed at how time consuming & difficult a process it is to be an executor of an estate. Emptying my grandparents apartment & distributing their belongings was a serious chore and one I spent for the last six weeks doing. And besides just being a physically daunting task, it was also a crazy emotional one. Its a weird thing….you know that someone you loved has passed, but there is their home all just the way they left it. As if they were coming back. Yesterday I closed the door on an empty apartment. And it hit me. They are gone. Their stuff is gone. They have no home anymore. Because they are not coming back. It was….rough.

But the world turns and life goes on. And honestly I am so relieved to be closing the chapter on dealing with my grandparents death every single day and am looking forward to getting back to my life, and more importantly my business. And the timing worked out because July is a CRAZY busy month! I have a wedding every weekend!!! Woooooohoooo!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait! Bring it on!

So I am back. I will be blogging 2-3 times a week again. I will be clever on Tuesdays and share my top 5’s. And I have some other big, fun things a-brewing too!

But…..I will actually be out of town from July 2 (that’s tomorrow! whoa!) through July 9. I’m going to DC for business & pleasure. First, AJ & I are celebrating our FIRST ANNIVERSARY!! WOOOO! And then we are shooting Pam & Justin’s wedding, which I know will be awesome! So yeah, I am back but not…but back!

To prove that I’m back in action, here’s a teaser from a shoot I will be posting later today!

  • Anna Kim - Am so glad you’re doing better, losing someone close is never easy. *hugs*

    Welcome back, love!

  • Lora Ayers - Can’t wait to see more of this shoot, I love her accessories! Great pic!

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