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The London, West Hollywood Boudoir Photography

You may remember a few weeks ago I blogged some pics from a boudoir session at The London Hotel! Though it was not a marathon session, two friends did join forces in splitting a room and hiring me! So it was kinda a two-fer! And I’m happy to be able to share a few pics from the other session as well!!

If you have a friend that is also interested in a b-sesh, it’s a fabulous idea to plan your sessions together and to split the cost of the hotel room! It’s good for your wallet, good for moral supprt and what’s better you can have a girl’s night in your fancy hotel room afterwards! Maybe even turn it into a weekend getaway and a visit to the spa! Fab-u-lous!

Here’s a peaky peak at some more sexy boudoir pics!

Love these shoes!!!

Colorful lingerie is always great for a boudoir session!! I love how it just pops in photos!

Sexy wifey! LOVE!

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