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Westin Pasadena Wedding Photography | Elaine + Angel

Elaine and Angel had a beautiful wedding at The Westin at Pasadena! Elaine must be the calmest bride I have ever seen. When Christine and I arrived to the bridal suite, Elaine was just lounging watching the football draft on TV and finishing folding some last minute escort cards. She was excited to marry Angel, it had been a long time coming, but she wasn’t too anxious or nervous. Just happy and serene in the notion that the day was finally here!

Angel and Elaine were just meant to be. You see they went to high school together, lived in the same areas, and ran in the same circles…without knowing it. Technically speaking they went to prom together! Well, in the same group, same limo…but with different dates. They shared a good mutual friend, but never paid each other any attention. For years. Then one day their mutual friend threw a party and realized “hey maybe these two would be a good match, especially now that they are both single.” Introductions were made and everything finally clicked! Years after going to prom in the same limo, they realized they were meant to be!

The day was very warm and full of love! Elaine and Angel had so many wonderful friends and family members sharing in their joy! It was a great day and I was honored to document it… So without further ado…PICTURES!

Elaine loves bling!!! From her jewelry to her shoes to even her nails, girl just dazzled!

Elaine was so giddy during the First Look! I just loved her reaction!

I told you Elaine had bling on her nails!!! 😉

Elaine you are gorgeous!!! What a glowing bride!!!

Elaine was just beaming as her brother walked her down the aisle!

The ceremony was so beautiful!!!

To see more from this wedding, watch the SLIDE SHOW:

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