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Villa San Roque, Santa Barbara Wedding Photography | Jenni & Jamie

Last Saturday, in Santa Barbara, I photographed the most amazing wedding ever– the bride and groom, their friends and family, the scenery, the details, the food, EVERYTHING was amazing beyond words. I had to keep pinching myself to make sure it wasn’t a dream! And I have to thank Michelle Black of Lehr and Black, who happens to be one of the most fabulous people on planet Earth, for booking me for this wedding. Michelle and I had met at Priscilla & Chris’s wedding last August, and ever since I have been itching of working with her again, because as I said she is *fabulous*. So imagine my glee when she wanted li’l ole me to shoot her best friend’s wedding! I nearly died of joy when she asked! And then I heard it was going to be in Santa Barbara, and I was double sold! Sweet!

But I hadn’t met the bride and groom, Jenni and Jamie, and that is always strange for me to show up on the wedding day not knowing the couple. As I have said before, I always try to develop relationships with my couples prior to the big day. So on the drive up to Santa Barbara I was a little nervous of how the wedding day would go. No surprise though, Jenni & Jamie are as equally fabulous as their BFF Michelle and we hit it off right away! Remember how I was talking about Soul-Clients on Tuesday? I think they are yet another example of this! I see a lot of myself in Jenni. She is fun, has an amazing laugh and smile, is refreshingly open and candid, says hilarious things, and knows how to get down low on the dance floor. My kind of woman! Jamie is one cool dude as well. Very funny and very kind. You can see how much he loves Jenni just by the way he looks at her. Theseย  two can joke together at ease, make each other laugh, calm each others nerves, and party with each other like teenagers. And its awesome! I could hang out with them all day, just laughing and chillin’. They are that cool! And I am so happy to have witnessed their union. It was a beautiful and personal ceremony– a bit of laughter, a bit of tears, just the way I like it! I have no doubt these two will be loving and laughing together for the rest of their lives! They are an amazing pair! I feel blessed to have met them and documented their big day! Really, really blessed!

Love and laughter is all it takes to make a wedding fabulous. Everything else is icing on the cake. Well, this wedding had a LOT of icing! Because the eye candy was overflowing! Michelle, her mother Ellen and the rest of team at Lehr and Black did an amazing job coordinating and designing every detail of the day. From the gorgeous flowers by Lehr & Black’s own Jane & Rudy, to the couture invitations that Lehr and Black are famous for, to the candyย  buffet, to the stunning tablescapes, to the views from The Santa Barbara Villa they had rented for the affair! Gorgeous! As a surprise to the bride and groom, Ellen hired Santa Barbara based Enjoy Cupcakes to set up the most fabulous dessert bar set up ever. No wait, you do not understand. Enjoy Cupcakes has this vintage trailer and they brought it to the wedding and set up the CUTEST little area for the desserts. Absolutely charming! And then the cupcakes themselves were DELICIOUS. I could have ate them all but that would have been rude. So I didn’t! But, really, I think Kevin at Amber of Enjoy Cupcakes are amazing and all brides should be booking them for their weddings, like, RIGHT NOW!

All right, I am chatting your ear off and all you want to see are pictures. And there are a ton I tell you! A TON! Thanks to Jenn King for coming along to second shoot for me last Saturday!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ Now for the eye candy!

The invitations were a work of art. Love the silk boxes they are presented in! It’s like a little gift! The paper on the invites was so supple with a hint of texture! Luxe! I LOVE it!
The girls’ bouquets! Michelle’s on the left (loveeee the anemones) and Jenni’s on the right! Pure romance!
Are you kidding me Jenni? You are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!
Laughing is sexy. I think people look so pretty when they laugh– it just brightens the whole face! Jenni has a pretty beautiful laugh! But her model face is also sexylicious.
I <3 first looks!
I found a random field nearby and took Jenni & Jamie there for some romantics after the ceremony! Gorgeous light, gorgeous Santa Barbara, gorgeous newlyweds! ‘Twas my lucky day!!!
Jenni you kill me with your prettiness! Jamie is one lucky guy!
Pure romance.
The trampoline. The Villa had a trampoline on the property and all anyone wanted to do was jump around on it and take pics! AWESOME!!! Look at the fun!
The candy buffet!
The GORGEOUS reception details!!!
How cute is this idea?! Combo placecards and menus! I love how personalized they were as well!
The view at sunset from the villa! Oh Santa Barbara! You kill me with your beauty!
Did I mention I love a girl who knows how to get down on the floor?
The Enjoy Cupcakes trailer!!!!! ADORABLE!
Yummy. Yummers. Yummerton. Look at those beautiful cuppies!
And if cupcakes aren’t enough for you, there was espresso chocolate cakes, chocolate covered strawberries, and raspberry tarts!
Jenni and Jamie enjoyed the treats in the privacy of the trailer! Adorable!!!!!
Wow, what an amazing day. Thank you again sooooo much to Michelle for telling Jenni & Jamie to trust me with their big day! It was so fun! And thank you to Jenni & Jamie for having me along! I think you guys are awesome and I am so so happy for you! You two make an amazing pair and I feel so honored to have documented your union! Please keep in touch! You are officially friends now!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰
And just in case you didn’t get enough pictures from this GORGEOUS wedding please check out the slideshow below!!!

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