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Claremont Wedding Photography | Quyen + Daniel

Believe it or not I still have two weddings from 2010 that I still must share on the blog!!! So here is one of those weddings, because there is no time like the present!!

Sarina Love had me along to shoot this wedding with her! I had SO much fun as usual with Sarina and I absolutely loved being able to share in Daniel & Quyen’s big day!

Daniel and Quyen are perfect for each other. He is strong– a soldier actually. And she is so creative. She even made all the flowers for her wedding herself!! Daniel makes Quyen laugh and smile the biggest smile ever. Quyen makes Daniel’s face radiate with happiness! Though they come from different cultural backgrounds, these two just make sense. He’s the yin to her yang. And their bilingual Catholic ceremony was the perfect example of this! Also, their reception fused East-West traditions with traditional Western activities like a bouquet toss and cake cutting, and also a Eastern tradition of a celebratory Lion Dance which was SO much fun!!! Together Quyen & Daniel are the perfect blend. They are quiet yet confident! Ready to conquer the world together and also ready to whisper every day to one another I love you. These two just warmed my heart and I am so grateful to have been a part of their big day!! So without further ado….photos!

This photo warms my heart! Daniel was full of emotion seeing his bride walk down the aisle!!

The ring bearer was very good about safely holding the ring pillow in his lap!
Sometimes my favorite moment is not the kiss itself. It’s the moment right before and right after. This is the moment right after Quyen & Daniel kissed, and they are gazing at each other with such joy that it makes my heart melt!!!!
The bridal party was so cute!!
Quyen you are fabulous!!!!! Love the way you are workin’ it!!
See what I mean? She is FAB!!!!! And FIERCE!!! Just how I like ’em!!
This photo is just so tender! Totally reflects the relationship these two share!!
J’ADORE!!!! Everything about this is fierce & fabulous!!
We shot the romantics on the campus of Claremont College. I LOVE shooting around there! The architecture is great and has a very historic feel! It definitely feels like you are in a small town and not in SoCal!!
I LOVED Quyen’s bouquet and I am still in awe that she made it herself!!
This photo is everything I love. It’s vibrant, fabulous, fierce and FUN!
Back at the reception, I loved Quyen & Daniel’s first dance! Sooooo tender!!
And the Lion Dance!! I had never experienced one before and it totally blew my mind! Those dancers in the lion costumes are amazing!!!

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