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Castaway Gardens, Burbank Wedding Photography | Ryan & Kristina

I loved Ryan & Kristina since the moment I met them. Our meeting was easy, fun, and just awesome. We chatted like old friends, we laughed and before the night was through they booked me on the spot. From that day forward I have been waiting for their wedding. And let me tell you the day did not disappoint at all! Ryan & Kristina had a beautiful vibrant, Hawaiian inspired wedding held at The Castaway Gardens in Burbank. The day was filled with so much laughter, tears of joy and even a little rain. What? Rain in LA in July?!!! Yep!!! About 2 minutes before the ceremony was set to start the sky opened up and gave us a little Hawaii-esque tropical shower. We all jumped up and huddled to the ONLY covered area on the Luau Garden grounds! But as soon as the sun came back everyone went back to their seats and the day just moved right along. It was quirky but perfect. It definitely added a funny little story to the day– one I’m sure Ryan & Kristina will tell to their grandkids!

So Ryan & Kristina. These two are perfect for each other. They make each other laugh. They take care of each other. They are already a family, and their kids are so super amazing. I can’t even imagine a more perfect pairing. And during their vows I learned even more about these two and just how good they are for each other. How they have survived some trying times together. And how they have always grown closer and stronger through it all. Together these two have found the fairytale love they had always hoped for, but weren’t sure really existed. And that is amazing. It’s inspiring and it proves to me that fairytales DO exist in real life. Sigh…

So Ryan & Kristina, thank you for trusting to me to document your big day. I loved the day so much and I have had a blast reliving it as I edited these images for you! You two have something special, and it inspires me! 🙂 Also thank you to Jenn for second shooting with me– shooting with you is always a blast!!!

And now onto the photos…..

Kristina’s shoes were fabulous!!!! If my feet weren’t totally child-size I would so ask to borrow them!

Did I ever mention how getting ready pics are some of my favorite of the day?! The anxiousness & the excitement brewing! LOVE it!
Kristina, you glow! When you laugh and smile your whole face lights up and its AMAZING!
I’m obsessed with this shot from their first look. The way the light is illuminating Kristina is HEAVEN!
And this is why I LOVE first looks! See this emotion?! Beautiful!!!
Ryan and Kristina have a beautiful family together! <3
Um… so this is when it was pouring and we all huddled under the only covering there was and waited for it to pass so we could have a wedding! Yeah, rain in LA in July! Crazy but it added some character to the day! Thanks Jenn for grabbing this shot for me!
Kristina walked down the aisle to Brandi Carlile’s “The Story” and it made me cry. A lot. It was one of the most moving aisle walks ever…like I was watching a movie!
After the ceremony we grabbed some romantics!!
Work it ouuuuuuut!!!!
I love EVERYTHING about this!!!
Did I ever tell you guys I am really funny?! This picture is PROOF! I am HILARIOUS. I am a modern day Lucille Ball 😉
I loved the tropical and vibrant details of this wedding! And the hanging escort cards were an adorable touch!!!
They rocked the reception to “Sexy Back” and it was amazing. Everyone LOVED it! And Ryan & Kristina proved they have some serious moves!
I love that Ryan & Kristina have fun with everything they do together. Including cutting the cake. Awesome!

For more from Ryan & Kristina’s happy, vibrant, fun wedding…and to see why the song she chose to walk down the aisle to made me bawl my eyes out… please check out the SLIDESHOW below:

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