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2013 Year In Review | The Weddings

At the end of last year my 2013 horoscope read that this year would be full of chaos and happiness but if I could balance it all, it would be MAGIC! That actually could not have been more accurate. This year I went on more plane rides than I probably have in total over the last 5 years. I shot weddings in Napa, Maui (on 3 separate occasions), Boston, San Diego, LA and of course here at home in Santa Barbara. I took an amazing workshop in NYC with none other than Sue Bryce. I even attended a wedding as a **guest** in Dallas. I shot more weddings than ever before. I shot more boudoir than ever before and began shooting glamour as well. I opened a new studio space. I launched a new logo/brand and a new website. I nearly booked out my year for 2014 (only 5 wedding slots left)!!!!!

Seriously. It has been crazy. In a good way. And I am so grateful. Because even though there were days I cried from exhaustion, cursed the next trip flight I had to take, or got behind on a task and felt really horrible about it, the truth is everything was worth it. And everything was MAGIC.

Every year I try to recap the work I did in a series of Year In Review blog posts. A lot of my boudoir shoots this year were super private so I am not sure I really can ever accurately  show you guys ALL the amazing work I did this year. BUT I can show you the weddings. Which were plentiful and awesome! Check out these images below to get a taste of my 2013.

I can’t believe this year is nearly over… but I could not be more grateful for it or more excited for 2014…BRING IT ON!

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