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So I met 19 REALLY cool photogs at The J* Workshop! Like they are really cool! And I’m not sure how it all started but a few of us got together to take pictures of each other. A headshot swap if you will. Anna, Brittany & Laurie came over to my place and us gals got our make up did by the *fabulous* Elena. Then we hit up Santa Monica! Well, technically I snagged a few shots of Anna then she went to catch her plane at LAX. And me, Brittany and Laurie hit up SanMo.

Now, besides photography I really love to be in front of the camera. I just love cameras. Period. Whether in my hand or pointed right at me. I’m kinda diva like that. So I may have been a camera hog during this session, and I can’t wait to start seeing the girls blog photos of me. But since you know I’m not really a model, and I am PHOTOGRAPHER, I figured I better blog the pics I took of them, stat!

Here’s a peeksy at our fun girlie-photog day!

Here’s Anna right in front of my place. The sun was bright, which made it the perfect opportunity to take what I had just learned from J* about natural reflectors and shooting in bright sun! I think I did well! Hope Jasmine approves!

Anna you are gorgeous! And pure awesome!

Then Brittany and Laurie and I at cupcakes at Vanilla Bake Shop. Shhhh it’s a secret! And then we hit up The Viceroy! I love this shot of Brittany. It’s SO her!

Brittany is amazing! She is from Chattanooga and has the BEST Southern Accent! She is like butter. Ah to be a Southern Belle…

Then there is Laurie! So cool! So fierce! Look at her rock it!

But I made her laugh. Cause I am hysterical!

Brittany strutted her stuff like a total LA Chick!

Brittany you are gorgeous girl!!!!!!

And Laurie!! You are gorgeous too!!!

Seriously look at those high cheek bones! Those piercing hazel eyes! GOR-GEOUS!!!!

We finished our awesome day looking at the beautiful Santa Monica sunset. And it hit me. WHOA! I’m so lucky! I’m so lucky to be a SoCal girl! To see beauty like this! And to be capturing it all in photos! Lucky lucky lucky!

And then we ate really good Korean food. And I felt even luckier 😉
  • Samantha - Wow! What a great idea!! They turned out awesome! 🙂

  • Michelle Kane - You are SO lucky to have gone to her workshop. I just listened to her interviewed on Rangefinder Radio and boy is she ever down to earth and real. Love that. Love the full sun shots as well. You did rock these out! There’s nothing more inspiring than networking with other like minded souls.

  • Laurie Bracewell - Brit and Anna look awesome!!! Great job Ash! (I, however, look like a retard. The camera hates me…this is why it’s better that I’m BEHIND the lens.) BTW, can’t stop thinking about the delish Korean BBQ!!!

  • Sean - Gorgeous girls & equally beautiful photography. Love the shots of Brittany headed down the sidewalk. Really nice light!

  • cindee bae - How fun!! 🙂

  • -brittany- - What a fun day this was! Thank you for all of the great pics! I am with Laurie except for a bit opposite…Anna and Laurie look freaking amazing and I look like a dork-o…not because of your camera skills, but bc I am one! Thank you again so much Ashleigh…I am so glad I got to meet you! You are fabulous!!!!

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