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Holly’s Empowering Breast Cancer Survival Photo Shoot [Featured Client]

Holly came to my studio in 2018 because she was writing a photo-essay style book about her journey battling and surviving breast cancer. Her book documents through her personal photographs and text her entire fight with cancer. She wanted to include images throughout the process of a double mastectomy, healing and reconstruction because most literature on the topic shows you the before and after but not the very long middle. And she thought it might help some women picture what to expect throughout their entire healing process. Now, the pictures in this book are personal, brave and raw. So she really wanted something beautiful to end her book with. Portraits of her fully healed.

I was honored to create these images for her.

We took images of Holly alone and later on with her amazing husband (who got a breast plate tattoo to match Holly’s post surgery cherry blossom breast tattoos). The love these two share is palpable and anyone would be so lucky to have a devoted partner like this in a time of crisis.

Holly’s shoot is not the first time I’ve photographed a woman who’s survived breast cancer. I do these shoots frequently. Any health crisis, but especially breast cancer, can really affect how you feel about your body and beauty. These shoots are all about reclaiming your body, your beauty, and your power. I hold the space for my clients to celebrate life and survival and this moment right now. I work with you to customize a shoot so you can be photographed post-cancer how you desire (not everyone wants to actually photograph their nude body though it can be powerful).

If you or someone you know has survived breast cancer and is looking to celebrate this moment right now, I’d love to talk to them about their journey!


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