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Wedding Advice Wedsnesday

I’m going to add a new feature to this blog called “Wedding Advice Wedsnesday!” The past 9 months of my life have been all about wedding– I got engaged and started wedding planning myself, and also started a career in the wedding industry! So I’m pretty much sweating all things wedding out of my pores right now, and have learned a lot from the whole experience! I know a lot of brides and grooms out there can feel overwhelmed, so I thought I’d offer my advice– lessons I’ve learned along the way! I hope people will find it helpful!

Okay here goes… My first piece of advice… ::drumroll::

Hire a coordinator!!

I know its kind of strange– a photographer saying spend your money on a coordinator! But trust me, a good coordinator is worth her weight in gold not just to the bride and groom but to all the other vendors. A coordinator will help you stay organized, understand your vendor contracts, create a detailed timeline for the day of, and handle all last minute stresses which keeps the bride and groom calm! A relaxed bride is essential to getting good photographs!! So if you have a coordinator you are actually setting yourself up for better pictures. Also, a lot of brides have trouble creating a timeline that incorporates enough time for formal pictures, and that makes good use of photography time. I of course try to help brides in figuring out how much time to allow for photography, but in the end its really up to the bride to make the final call. A coordinator has a great understanding of how much time all the parts of your day will take (hair and make up, travel time, the ceremony, etc.) and therefore can help you make a realistic timeline and make sure you stick to it! That is very helpful for getting in all the pictures you want and getting them done on time! In general, a coordinator will make the day go smoothly for the bride and groom but also for all the vendors– and that allows us vendors to do our jobs better! So I highly recommend to your brides to find hire a good coordinator!!

And….. if you are looking for an awesome coordinator, I highly recommend Paola Spagnoletti of Just Chic Events! She’s my right hand gal when it comes to my own wedding, and I’d be LOST without her 😉

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