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Tuesday Top 5 | The Food Truck Edition

So lately I have just hopped on the food truck band wagon, and I’m not getting off any time soon! I am kinda OBSESSED with food trucks. I might think about eating at one once every 2.5 seconds. Yes, it’s almost an addiction! A delicious, delicious addiction!

So I thought, why not write about some of my fav food trucks I have tried thus far for this week’s Tuesday Top 5! Warning: this post may make you hungry!

1. Grilled Cheese Truck. I don’t even know if it needs explanation. It’s called the GRILLED CHEESE truck. That should be enough right there. But I will go on! These guys are so awesome (and crazy) that they put MAC-N-CHEESE between bread and grilled it! Oh heeeeeeels yeah! If that is wrong my friends, then I do not want to be right! Their brie grilled cheese is also quite decadent and delish! I love the combo of the creamy brie with sweet pears, and honey and the crunch of the cranberry-walnut bread. YUM! Please do not miss their tomato soup while you are there!! The soup has the perfect amount of acid to cut through the richness of your grilled cheese! It is truly the perfect compliment to any one of their savory sammiches! But don’t forget to get dessert here too! Yes DESSERT! Three words- banana, nutella, marshmallow! Heaven! Give me a warm, gooey banana, marshmallow, nutella pressed sandwich, and I just may kiss you! But don’t tell AJ!

2. Border Grill Truck. The Border Grill truck is a pretty high end taco truck! I mean, how many taco trucks can you get LEGIT ceviche from? I absolutely love the ceviche, which they serve in a cone, from the Border Grill Truck! It’s citrusy, sour, and the flavors are so very bright! The fish has the perfect firm texture. And the portion is actually quite large and satisfying!! I also really loved the rajas-potato taco I got at Border Grill! The flavors in this taco are so much more complex than I expected! There’s the silky, creaminess of the potatos… the smokey peppery taste of the chiles (aka rajas)… and the sweet-tangy-crunch of pickled red onions to top it all off! Can you say YUM-O?! AJ had the pork taco and fish taco and said they were quite delish as well!!

3. Kogi BBQ. Kogi is really the truck that started them all…and I know why. Because Kogi makes DELICIOUS food! Seriously chef Roy Choi should get an award for combining Mexican and Korean flavors in such a genius way! For me Kogi lives up to the hype! There’s not much on the menu I can eat since I’m not a meat eater, but the tofu tacos are SO satisfying I don’t even care. I could have 8. In one sitting. Yes, they are that good! AJ loves the pork there, in burrito OR taco form! They really do have something for everyone!

4. Komodo Truck. Komodo serves up delicious, delicious tacos!! They are all very unique flavors! And I love that you can get 4 tacos for only $10! The spicy shrimp taco is my favorite. But, dang, it is spiiiiiicy!!!! They also have a really tasty fish taco that is pretty unique! It’s fried fish, with mayo and grapes!! So it’s very mild, creamy, and sweet!! AJ’s favorite taco at Komodo is the skirt steak with the corn salsa! He says it rocks his tummy xcore!

5. Ragin’ Cajun. I saw this truck on The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network. So when I saw it in person? I kinda acted like it was a celeb sighting. If you had looked at me you would’ve thought I had just laid eyes on Brad Pitt or something. So you can tell, I am a HUGE food nerd! Of course I had to try their grub! The only thing for a non-meat-eater like me was the Shrimp Po’ Boy but I ain’t complaining because I loveeeee shrimp! The shrimp Ragin’ Cajun puts on their Po Boy are fairly large and have really good flavor. They lightly bread and fry them which gives them the perfect crunch! I also LOVE pouring their special garlic sauce on my sandwich! That made everything taste extra heavenly!

So there you have it… My Top 5 LA Food Trucks that I have tried…THUS FAR!! Give me a week or two and I’m sure there will be a part 2!!! 😉

Top row, left to right: Border Grill Truck’s ceviche from R.E., Shrimp Po’boy from Ragin’ Cajun website, Spicy Shrimp Taco from Komodo Truck website.
Bottom row, left to right: Nutella, banana, marshmellow desert melt from Grilled Cheese Truck website, tofu taco from Kogi BBQ website, Next Food Truck Race truck logo from Food Network website.

  • s h e r r y - Omg. Kogi is so good. I WANT TO EAT GRILLED CHEESE!! Mmmm. Sounds SO good.

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