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Tuesday Top 5

Its Tuesday again, and you know what that means! Another round of Tuesday Top 5! This week I promise not to brain-fart and only write four things!

1. Soul-“people.” I believe in soul-mates. I believe that inexplicably the universe can bring someone so perfect, like a missing piece of the puzzle, right to your door (or dorm room as the case may be with me and AJ). And there is no way to explain this magic other than fate and destiny. That is the definition of soul mate. But the thing is I don’t think soul-mates are just for significant others. I believe that sometimes people–friends, family, mentors, pets– fatefully can come into your lives as well. And these people make your life. And they feel like part of your destiny. I so believe this. I totally have soul-cats, soul-friends, my soul-nephew and soul-niece and now I am beginning to think I have soul-clients. Clients who seem so perfect for me. Clients who I come to love as good friends. Clients who make me the photographer I am. And yet they find me so so randomly it seems. But I love it. I LOVE having soul-clients, because as I said they become good friends. And that makes my job so amazing!

2. Spring! I love that Spring is here! I love seeing green on the trees and on the hills when you drive the 405! I love the sun and I love the warm weather! I love how people just seem happier. And I really love that summer is right around the corner! And I really LOVE Summer!

3. Santa Barbara. My husband is from Santa Barbara. Born & raised! And his parents still live there. So needless to say we visit a lot. To tell the truth I have had a love/hate relationship with the town. Its drop dead gorgeous and the food is excellent…but I am allergic to it. NO LIE. I have terrible nasal allergies to pollens and plants and fresh air. And something happens every time we stay over night, and I get SO sick. Like weezy, sneezy sick. So that makes it very hard to enjoy. However, my last few trips (like the one we made for this weekend’s wedding) we have just gone up for the day, which means no allergies! And I can fully appreciate the beauty!! YAY! And dang, when I’m not sneezing really it is an amazing place to be! …when I’m not sneezing! LOL

4. The History Channel. I watch the history channel almost every night as I fall asleep. Except, before you think I am a really smart, savvy, history buff let me say what I watch is mostly not very historical. I tend to watch shows about mysteries, like UFOs or The Bermuda Triangle or Nostradamus or The Knights Templar. Now you are probably either thinking I am nuts. But hey, I love a good mystery or conspiracy theory! And I also need to fall asleep watching something just interesting enough to be tolerable while I drift off to slumberland, but just boring enough that its no loss when I do fall asleep before the show is over. Plus the dude who does all the narrations has such a soothing voice!! 😉

5. Fresh laundry! I gotta ask, is there anything better than a load of freshly washed laundry?! Okay yeah, somethings (like kitties and eating sushi) are better than fresh laundry but it’s not a long list! I love the smell of clothes after they come out of the dryer. I love seeing my drawers & closets full again! I love putting on PJs or using a towel when its still hot from the dryer! Yep laundry is great! If only I could get a robot to fold my clothes and put them away in my closet after they are cleaned. ‘Cause that part of laundry does suck.

Speaking of fresh…here is a sneak peak image from the gorgeous wedding I shot this weekend! Stay tuned for more from this FAB wedding! The images will be out THIS WEEK!

  • cindee bae - I loove the smell of fresh laundry. My laundry room is in our garage and whenever I come home while someone is doing laundry, that totally makes my day! Silly how little things can make me so giddy, lol!

  • Erika - I love the smell of fresh laundry too! Its my favorite smell. I’m loving the sneek peek cant wait to see more.

  • Melissa - Never been, but hope to Visit Santa Barbara soon 😉 Hope, I am not allergic 😉

  • Thomas Frank - I LOVE SPRING! Time change, warmer weather but not super hot like summer, more colorful and start of wedding season!

  • s h e r r y - Yep. LOVE smell laundry. 🙂 I weirded my (now very good friend, but back then, mere acquaintance) by telling him that he smelled nice. Haha. Tide, I tell ya! Tide <3

  • Sean - I don’t believe anything is random, ever. It’s a magnificent time & place we live in, and share with others, and for that – love #1. Fresh laundry rocks my world too. Especially bedding. Love.

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