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Tuesday Top 5

Another Tuesday, another top 5! It’s been quite a fun week and I can’t wait to share some highlights with you! So let’s get right to it then, shall we?

1. DineLA at Craft. This past week was the last week of DineLA. My mom & I went to Craft to try their DineLA menu, and let me tell you not only was it DELISH but it was also quite a steal! We got a ton of food. Everything was served family style and everything was insanely tasty! I love the communal aspect of how everything was served. But more than anything I loved the food. The highlight was definitely the scallops which were seared to perfection. I also adored the desserts– both panna cotta and cinnamon donuts. It was absolutely divine! Next time we have DineLA week I suggest y’all get to Craft!!

2. WPPI Plans. Last year I went to WPPI for the first time and it was so much fun!!! And of course I learned a ton! So of course I knew I needed to go this year! I have actually been very lucky this past week because I won a pass to WPPI for free and I won a coupon to the Grey Likes/ Victor Sizemore shoot and mentor session! AWESOME! So I already know I will be getting my learnin’ and my shoot on! I’m also rooming with some awesome photographers! The plans are shaping up swimmingly! I can’t wait! It’s just a few weeks away!

3. John O’Groat’s. Did I ever mention I LOVE breakfast? Well I do. I LOVE it. Breakfast/brunch is probably my favorite meal of the day…well besides dinner. LOL.  John O’Groat’s definitely does one of the best breakfasts in LA. I absolutely adore this place! They have an artichoke eggs benedict that is seriously scrumptious! They also have this omelet called Bacara and it’s filled with goat cheese and shitake mushrooms. HEAVEN! They also have deeeeelicious, fluffy, pancakes! But probably the best thing at O’Groat’s is the BISCUITS! OMG. These biscuits are tall, and dense and just perrrrrrrrfect. Put some homemade raspberry jam on top and I am in biscuit buttery paradise. Yeah, now I’m super hungry. Dang…..anyone wanna go with me?

4. Banana Bread with Nutella on top. My husband loves to bake. And I LOVE that. Because that means he’s always baking me up something tasty. How I am not completely round is a miracle! So this week the hubby baked me banana bread…and then I put nutella on top! YUM! Bananas & nutella go together like diamonds & platinum. It’s just a classic pairing! So banana bread and nutella? Well that’s just sinful and tasty! Yummy!!

5. Super Bowl Sunday @ Gardens of Taxco. I have a confession. I hate football. Honestly I’m not really a team sports person at all. My mom is the exact same way. So it has become a tradition that during the super bowl we leave our men folk at home and go out and be girlie together! This year our beloved Gardens of Taxco was having a special deal on their 5 course dinner in honor of the Super Bowl. So that’s where mommy & I went. Just us two! It was really fun…and of course really really tasty! I had my garleeeeeeeeeeeeec shrrrrreeeeeeemp. YUM! Can it be super bowl next weekend too? I need to go back to the Gardens asap.

{All photos from the official websites of Craft, WPPI, Nutella. Gardens of Taxco photo is via}

  • Alexandra Rembac | Sterling Engagements - Breakfast is my favorite. I’m off my diet next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I’ll totally go to breakfast with you if you want =). That would be fun and a long time coming!

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