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Tuesday Top 5

I know I have been bad…again…with Tuesday Top 5. I’m thinking of changing it to to Friday and make it Friday Top 5 but that just doesn’t sound as good now does it? When I first created TT5, I wasn’t doing photography full time so my workflow was a bit different. Now Tuesdays seem to have me knee deep in edits. But so many of you have told me you love TT5 soooo I don’t know what to do? Move it or try my bestest to keep it? Thoughts?

Welp, while I am here I might at least give you the rundown of this weeks 5…and we can ponder if next week it should happen on Friday.

1. Kogi Truck. I don’t know what took me so long, but I FINALLY tried the Kogi Truck. And it was BOMB. AJ read on twitter that the truck was parked about a 10 minute walk from our place. So he said, “you wanna go try it?” And I was all “HEEELS YES!” It was a really hot, sweaty walk and then a long, sweaty wait in line. But it was so worth it. I got the tofu tacos and AJ got the pork burrito. We were very satisfied and I can still kinda taste it in the back of my mouth. Nummy num. I will definitely go back for more soon!

2. Glee. I don’t know why exactly it took me so long to jump on the bandwagon. I mean, I was a major theater-geek in high school. I LOVE musical theater and choir and all that kinda stuff. But it wasn’t until a week ago that I buckled down and rented and watched all of season 1. Its official now I am a GLEEK! I LOVE this show! I cannot WAIT for tonight’s Britney episode! It is gonna be tiiiight.

3. Sloopy Jell-O. Okay I am admittedly weird. I like Jello. But I LOVE Jello when it’s all…”sloopy.” You know, before it sets all the way. It’s kinda jello but its kinda soup. I’m talking like halfway through the setting up process. That is when Jell-O tastes the BEST to me. And I had some nice, cold, fresh, sloopy Jell-O last night as I was trying to beat the heat. And it was SO GOOD. Just thought I’d share.

4. My Mom’s Swimming Pool. Thank the good sweet lawd for my mom living 5 minutes away by car and for her having a swimming pool. It was over 106 degrees on the westside of LA yesterday, which is TOTALLY unheard of. Our 2nd floor apartment has no a/c and I was dying! DYING! Then I remembered a remedy: go to my moms and swim. It was definitely a good way to cool off for a few hours. For that I am thankful!

5. My Husband. A week ago I missed Tuesday Top 5 because I was sick. Really sick. With the tummy flu. It started late Monday night. After complaining of a tummy ache I suddenly barfed up my entire dinner. It was NASTY. Even nastier it happened so fast I didn’t make it to the bathroom. And who swooped in and saved the day yet again? AJ. Tuesday and Wednesday I was in bed with a fever. AJ bought me Gatorade and made me Jello and even made me Matzo Ball soup! He took such good care of me. And that is love. Taking care of your wife when she isn’t pretty or cute or sexy. Taking care of your wife when she is downright germy and gross. Love is being there for the good, the bad, and the ugly. SO many times my hubby has shown me that he can handle the ugly times just as well as he can handle the good. He is amazing. And I am so lucky he is my husband!

Glee Images from official Glee website, Tofu taco image from, and Jell-o from official site.

  • pamela - KEEP TT5! It’s always great to see someone else’s positive thinking. Stretch yourself, think outside the box, and if you don’t write a big paragraph about each one, maybe it will seem less daunting! But please don’t let it go! 🙂

  • pamela - OH rereading this post, I shall just clarify that it doesn’t matter what day it is! If it’s Friday it can be Friday Fantastic 5 or something, which is even an alliteration! 🙂

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