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Things I LOVE: Solemates

First, I’d like to say I’M ALIVE!!!!! I’m so sorry for not posting at all last week! Right after Thanksgiving I got really sick with a fevery-laryngitis-flu type thing. And it was AWFUL! I didn’t do a lick of work last week…and I hated it. I’d much rather be taking photos, editing and blogging than being sick!! Because, seriously, I LOVE my job! So I’m super glad to be back! And can you believe it’s already the 2nd week of December?? I sure as heck cannot!!!

Sooo…I thought I’d start a new series on this blog about things I LOVE. Just to share with my fellow readers some really cool products  that make life a bit sweeter! What better product to start with than SOLEMATES!

Solemates are the PERFECT invention for brides!! Perfect!!! Every bride getting married outdoors NEEDS these!! And brides while you’re at it, get your bridesmaids a set as well! They make great gifts and will be super helpful on your big day!

Basically, what Solemates are is this little rubber stopper you add to your high heels to make it so you don’t sink into the grass! I can’t tell you how many of my brides get married in grassy areas, and don’t have these! And then, when it comes time to take pictures on the grass, or even walk down the aisle on grass, they sink and lose balance! And really there is nothing worse than being uncomfy and feeling unbalanced on your wedding day! Solemates are **the** solution to the problem! I promise you will love them!! And they will make your pictures turn out better too! Because you and your girls will be able to stand poised and pretty on your big day! 😉

The holidays are just around the corner, and these little gems would make a great stocking stuffer too! You can totally thank me later!! 😉

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