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Tuesday Top 5

What a week! As you saw from my last post, last Tuesday I attended the J* workshop which capped off my “February Workshop Learning Extravaganza!” It was incredible and totally complimented off what I learned at Justin & Mary‘s Spread The Love Tour! I also this week attended my first ever LA Smug Meeting, where I got to hear Lawrence Chan aka Tofurious speak for the second time! It was totally free but his nearly 2 hour talk could’ve have really been a workshop as well! It was a real treat! So this week, has really been full steam. And my brain is like whirling and pumped with ideas about how to make 2010 a life changing year, where dreams come true!!! Which brings me to my Tuesday Top 5…

5. Inspirational People. I gotta admit I’m not a cheesy-mantra-loving-chicken-soup-for-the-soul-reading kinda gal. I’m not at all. But sometimes you just meet amazing people and hear their stories. Hear the major struggles and obstacles they faced. Hear how they overcame the hurdles and now are mind-blowingly successful. And how can you not get the warm and fuzzies? How can you not want to go out and change your life and the world around you?! I feel like, as mentioned above, this month I have gotten a huge dose of inspiration and have been lucky enough to meet amazing people like Justin & Mary, like Jasmine Star. And then there is the Olympics. I absolutely love the little stories on some of the featured athletes. These people have HUGE risk-it-all dreams, and they have often overcome a lot of difficulty in their personal lives, and here they are at the friggin Olympics. INSPIRING. I hope to be half as awesome as these people one day 😉

4. Speaking of the Olympics. THE OLYMPICS are sooooo my number 4 pick! Not just because of the inspirational stories, that maybe I secretly tear up hearing, but because of the sheer fun of watching the events. I’m not really a team-sports gal…I can’t get into it at all. And I’m not sporty or athletic at all. But I have always had a weird thing for the winter Olympics. I love watching the luge, bobsledding, the moguls, the speed skating (APOLO OHNO PEOPLE!!), and of course THE FIGURE SKATING. Oh my gosh. Love love love! I still say there is nothing better than a dude in a bedazzled outfit skating his heart out! Nothing better…except for you know, my cats and husband…LOL

3. HDTV. So pretty much since I met my husband, all he talked about, all he wanted, was a nice big flatscreen HD TV. And when it came time to propose, he spent his TV fund on my engagement ring. He had to think “Ashleigh” or “TV”…and he chose me! Awwww. LOL. So it was back to square one. Saving. And this week was the week. The deal was right, the money was there, and we went all in and bought that dang TV. And he is so happy about it! I love that it makes him so happy! Something so simple! But I gotta say, it IS pretty nice. It’s like having a home theater! Not too shabby!

2. Hot Tub Time Machine. OK I HAVE NOT SEEN THIS MOVIE. I just keep seeing the commercials. And I gotta say, I’m so confused how this movie ever got made. Or maybe I’m not. I used to want to be a filmmaker and spent a year interning at a production company– mostly my job entailed reading scripts and deciding whether they were good enough for someone more important to look at them. I was like the script filter. LOL. And I just can’t imagine this concept getting past a filter. “Ok so these dudes get into a hot tub, that turns into a time-machine! It’s like Back to the Future meets Wild Hogs, but with a hot tub!”Riiiiight. On the other hand, there are always crappy movies that get made so I shouldn’t be so shocked. As much as I’m perplexed by the title and concept for this film, I shouldn’t dog it.  The commercial does make me chuckle a bit. Maybe it is somewhat humorous, despite how formulaic and just plain bizarre it appears!

1. Tracey Ullman’s State of the Union. Have y’all seen this show? It’s on Showtime on Mondays and its amazing! I have always LOVED Tracey Ulman! She is so good at creating different characters and being just plain hilarious. And the way she does her impersonations is spot on! I love this show especially when she makes fun of “celebrities.” My absolute favorite is her Dina Lohan impressions. TOO DANG FUNNY.  If you all don’t know who Dina Lohan is, then bless your heart. You obviously don’t get caught up on perezhilton like I sometimes do!

Now here is a preview of some wedding-y goodness coming VERY soon!

  • cindee bae - I feel so out of it cause i don’t keep up with the olympics at all!! Am I alone on this? lol!!

  • ellie - i wish we got to know each other better, maybe at wppi? love ur pictures

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