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Spread The Love with Justin & Mary Marantz

Friday I attended the Los Angeles stop of The Spread The Love Tour, which is an amazing LIFE workshop given by Justin and Mary Marantz. 🙂 It was the MOST inspirational, life-changing, and eye-opening day ever. No understatement there. Not at all! I learned a lot about how to improve my business, but also how to improve my life. It was not only full of new info, but it also served as a reminder to take time for me and my relationships with friends and family. I can’t stop talking about Spread The Love– the way you can’t stop talking about a good movie. I’m a little obsessed!

The last few days I have spent doing my “homework” from this workshop, like writing down my goals for 2010 and reviewing them, and creating my “ideal client profile”, and figuring out how to give my clients the BEST experience possible. And I have been brainstorming. And I have been talking my hubby’s poor ear off.  And I’ve been not only dreaming, but DOING.

That’s the key you know, and what the workshop was all about, being a DOER and how to not let the stress of “real life” get you away from that. It reminded me a bit of my quote under my picture in my high school senior yearbook, “Don’t dream it, be it!” Yes, that quote was from one the finest movies of all time. Yes, I’m talking about The Rocky Horror Picture Show. 😉

The workshop ended with us each writing a eulogy for ourselves, basically its us saying how we’d like to be remembered after we pass. We were told we could share and read it aloud, but I get REALLY nervous when I have to get up in front of “the class” so to speak, and read something I wrote. Like my heart pounds and my hands shake and my voice shakes too. Soooo I chickened out. But I really don’t mind sharing something so personal, as long as I don’t need to stand and read it to ya’! So here it is. My eulogy, or really a rough draft of it. It’s exactly what I wrote in the 10 minutes we were given in the workshop:

Ashleigh was a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother, and auntie. She was kind to all animals, and was an advocate for their rights and well-being. She took care of the people who touched her life, and she touched the lives of many. She fought against the many injustices that people in the world faced. She lived passionately, enthusiastically and she had a laugh that would knock your socks off. And she laughed a lot– she never missed an opportunity to laugh or smile that big smile of hers. She accomplished her goals and wasn’t afraid to live the life she wanted, even if it was sometimes difficult. She always marched to the beat of her own drum. She did all she could to make the world a better place when she left than it was when she arrived. And she succeeded. The world has been made better because of Ashleigh.

So there it is. My basic eulogy. How I want to be remembered when it all goes down. I’m going to do everything I can to make it so I will be remembered that way. I am a hardcore doer starting NOW.

  • cindee bae - Go Ashleigh~!!! woohoo!!!!!
    btw, I’m the exact same way in front of the classroom other than the fact that my face also turns red, lol!!

  • Mandy Jill - I can imagine sitting there for hours not knowing what to write…it’s so personal and yet so distant…the eulogy. You did a fine job and I’m so excited for you to start DOING!

  • -brittany- - What an inspiring post! Love that you got to meet J&M and next week j*…you are on a roll!!! 🙂

    Loved your eulogy and you have inspired me to evaluate my goals verses “doing”. . .going to go “do” right now!

  • Nicole Glenn - I caught Justin and Mary in San Diego, it was amazing!! You are having a rockin’ few weeks!

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