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Miracle Kittens!!!… The Story of Sophie & Socks

Okay I’ve been meaning to blog this story for awhile but…I procrastinated! You see I had weddings to edit and blog and that’s all I could think about. But its time that I FINALLY blog this story! I am really going to start posting in my blog 2-3 times a week now, even if I don’t have any exciting photo-shoots to share. I’m going to be sharing myself with you! Getting personal! Its been hard to get myself to do it…but this story, this post is the starting point! I hope you enjoy getting to know me, the lil’ gal behind all the photos! So here goes!

Almost a monthΒ  ago, on a wedding-less Sunday, my mom called me at the ungodly hour of 8:00am. I thought something bad had happened to my grandparents and I was worried. Pretty much the only time I get calls from my mom on the weekend before 10:00am is when my grandpa is in the hospital. So my stomach dropped…BUT luckily it wasn’t a bad phone call. It was a phone call to report a miracle! At least that’s what my mom said.

A miracle? My first thought is “OMG! We won the lottery! We’re millionaires! Hooooooray!!!!” Except its Sunday. I don’t think they announce the lotto on Sunday…Ughhh if that is not it what could it be. C’mon mom tell, me! What is the miracle?!!!

Let me preface this by saying my mom is very open to/believing in the spirit world. Let me also preface this by saying, two years ago our 12 year old, beloved orange tabby cat named Scotty passed away due to kidney problems. We got him when I was about 9 and even though I no longer lived with my mom when he died, I always loved him SO much! And my mom loved him so so so much too! Though we have two other cats it was no doubt Scotty was her fav (and mine too).

Anywho sooo according to my mom last night she got up to get some water in the middle of the night when she felt a cat brush up on her leg, but there was not a cat there. The other two kitties were no where in sight. My mom is sure what she felt was the presence of Scotty. See, Scotty used to always rub up on her like that in the middle of the night when he was alive. Soooo she feels Scotty and says to him “Oh Scotty! I love you and miss you so much! I have been so lonely without you these 2 years, I wish you’d come back for me or send another kitty just like you to me…”

Soon after this, she goes to sleep andddd at 8am my step-dad, Al ,wakes her up!

There are two little orange tabby kittens meowing at the door. They are right at the doorstep, on the porch, and have been meowing there for over an hour. Apparently Al had been hearing them and hoping they’d go away but when he realized they weren’t leaving he got up and told my mom.

Of course my mom was amazed and ecstatic. She took them inside and they were filthy. So they spent the rest of the day getting them groomed and getting them tested to make sure they were healthy and getting all their shots. They were healthy, although a little scrawny and undernourished!

So, point is now my mom has 2 new kittens, that look a whole lot like Scotty. One is a boy named Socks (he has white feet, not like Scotty) and a girl named Sophie (she is all orange like Scotty). My mom insists they are miracles sent from Scotty. I have to say it is quite a crazy story. We never saw any kittens before in their neighborhood and still, weeks later, haven’t seen more. And no one has posted “missing kittens” signs anywhere. They basically showed up out of nowhere and stayed right at my moms doorstep, meowing, waiting for her and Al to let them in…mysterious? Yes. Miraculous?? Though I am a bit skeptic, I have to say it does seem miraculous. Its probably the most unbelievable and surreal thing to ever happen to my immediate family.

Here are some pics I took of the little guys, two days after the showed up!

Meet Socks!!! Isn’t he adorable?!!!! Even though he has white on his chest and feet, there is something so Scotty-like about his face! His expressions remind me of Scotty so much I almost cry! Its so sweet!

This is Sophie. I only have two photos of her because she did NOT like her picture to be taken. She’s so diva like that!

Hello Mr. Socks!

SLEEPY FACE!!!!! Oh my goodness. So cute it hurts! I know there are some cat-haters out there, but really how can you hate on something so cute and sweet?!!!!!!

This is my last photo of Sophie! The groomer put a little Halloween bandana on her! Too cute!!!

So now I ask my readers, have you ever experienced a “miracle?!” I’d LOVE to hear your stories. Or even if you have any cute kitty or puppy stories (yes I love pups too, I don’t discriminate), I’d love to hear them!!!! Animals make my world go ’round. I can’t get enough of them!
  • jenn king - so freakin cute ashleigh! great shots! so teeny!

  • Sarah - What a crazy story, crazy in a good way! I totally believe in things like that, even though it hasnt hapened to me! Great pictures of the two little ones πŸ™‚
    – sarah

  • ashleightaylorphotography - thanks sarah!!! i’m glad you believe and don’t find it too crazy!! hehehe

  • Laura - ok first of all you know how much I love you and your AMAZING pictures, but these kitty pics are just TOO cute for words!!! Goodness they look like you could just pet their soft fur from the picture!! Keep up the good work girl!

  • ashleightaylorphotography - thanks so much!!!! they are such sweet kitties, i often want to steal them from my mom lol πŸ˜‰

  • Lauren - First of all, this is an awesome story, thank you so much for sharing!!! πŸ™‚ Second, I know how stinking hard it is to shoot cats, so round of applause for the kitty yawning shot. πŸ™‚

  • Thomas Frank - Seriously the cutest kitties. Love the bandana on them. Cool story to go with it. Meant to be

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