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Long Time, No Blog! An Update from Ashleigh

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Time flies when you are fully engaged in your business. I was completely and utterly shocked when I realized it had been nearly TWO YEARS since I last blogged. A collective WTF and sigh is in order.

The timing of my blog hiatus is no coincidence. In 2016, I stopped photographing weddings (which was my main reason for bloggingРbecause wedding clients loved when I featured their photos) and I went FULL TIME as a portrait studio. 

My dream was always to run a busy full time portrait studio in Santa Barbara. And I knew if I quit weddings I could fully engage in my passions. But man y’all it’s such a different business model. These days the majority of my clients hear about me via referral. So while my online presence is important to me I spent a lot of ¬†time being engaged in amazing in-person relationships. I also have been spending a crap ton of time on instagram— which is kinda like blogging, right– so I guess that’s another reason I let this place be quiet.

While rebuilding this blog feels daunting, it’s so important to me to have my own platform to share what I am up to with you all.

Here’s what you can expect going forward:

-weekly blogs featuring real client shoots (oh boy do I have a backlog to share)

-special events and promotions held at my Santa Barbara studio

-The occasional beauty tip or trick

-A lot of content on self love and acceptance

Thank you for your grace this last year. I know many of you readers headed over to my instagram party. I love connecting with you all in a myriad of ways and always have so much gratitude for anyone who enjoys my business.

Love & Empowerment,


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