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Just A Tease

Too many great photos, too little time! I have about 5 shoots I really need to blog soon! And I promise you that I will! But for now, I’ll be a little tease and share a picture from a very special engagement session I did last night in Santa Barbara! It was extra special because we had the MOST SPECTACULAR SUNSET EVER during the shoot. We were on the Ellwood Bluffs… the sky above the distant Channel Islands was pink, the mountains were purple and the ocean turned turquoise. It was unreal. I tried my best to capture it. And, you know, my really hot and stylish couple only jazzed up my sunset shot even more! I shared this tease on Facebook last night… and I wanted to take a few quick minutes to share it with the whole wide interwebs today! Enjoy!

And I promise more fabulous, full-length blogs are coming very soon!



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