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This year has been…. strange. Good. Exciting. But strange. Everything has happened so much differently than expected. I’ve grown and changed and experienced more than I thought I would. I’ve put a lot of my energy into settling and nesting in Santa Barbara. More so than I anticipated. I guess I’ve needed it that way. But my regret is that I’ve let my blogging become sporadic and erratic. I go through spurts of blogging well and then other periods of deafening blog silence. Pretty sad considering my husband recently did a killer power point on what it takes to be a good blogger…I feel like I’ve failed on all accounts!

But that’s life. We are human. We can’t be perfect all the time. Sometimes life pulls us in other directions. But as I’ve said before: I’m now back to blogging regularly. Hopefully I mean it this time!

Yep, the first quarter of 2012 has gone by in a blur. So much has happened. And in someways I feel so little has happened. But through it all I’ve had my trusty instagram app with me. So this is my InstaLife from mid February-mid April. I guess we can conclude from these photos that I am a crazy cat lady, a food-junkie, and a sometimes stylish person.  😉

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