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I’m on fire!!

I’m feeling like I am on fire! I landed safely in LA today after an AH-MAZING DC Trip & wedding and found out 3 awesome things.

1) I won a contest on to get a sweet new black rapid women’s camera strap! 🙂 I’ve been anxiously awaiting this strap since I tried it on t WPPI in March! So to win was super sweet!

2) Zoe & Nima’s awesome engagement session was featured last week on the new Style Unveiled!! Check it out!

3) And lastly but not leastly….I HAVE BEEN CHOSEN AS A FINALIST BY WEDDING CHANNEL AS ONE OF THE TOP WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY BLOGS! That’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool! Like, Elizabeth Messina is another nominee. And little ole me is nominated in the same category. HOLLA. But y’all. I need YOUR VOTES so I can win “Best Wedding Photography Blog.” Yep, this little lady has her eyes on the prize! So if you read my blog & love it (or even just like it a little) please take a few secs to vote for me HERE!
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