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i heart this: HBO’s GIRLS

It is no secret at all that I LOVE HBO. Pretty much the only TV I watch is either on Travel Channel, Food Network/Cooking Channel, HGTV, NBC, HBO and Showtime. And of those channels HBO is king! I mean come on people, it’s not TV, it’s HBO!!!! So HBO has a new comedy out called Girls… and the show has garnered a little backlash… but I still find it hilarious. The best way to describe the show is… it’s basically Sex And The City for early twenty-somethings rather than thirty-somethings. Think Carrie Bradshaw before her career clicked, she could afford the Manolos, and was going on bad dates but wasn’t as savvy to even acknowledge they were bad yet. It’s pretty funny and reminds me a lot of college and the couple years immediately after. There are moments of the show where I clearly see myself as a 22 year (embarrassing as that is to admit)… like when one character tells her parents “Do you know how lucky you are? I could be a drug addict!” (Hi. Yes. Totally guilty of saying that to my parents once or twice). But a lot of it isn’t so much that I see myself in it but other girls I went to school with. It speaks to me and is full of good chuckles. The show is only a few episodes in, so it is hard to know if it will continue with the hilarity or have a long run. But for now it is funny and I am slightly kicking myself that I didn’t come up with the whole thing myself! hehe!

Have you checked out the show GIRLS? Thoughts?

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