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i heart this: exotic sushi

I make no secrets about  it… I am a SUSHI FREAK! If I was rich I would probably eat sushi once a day. I really love it that much. Usually when I tell people I love sushi, they think I mean a California Roll or Shrimp Tempura Roll. Honey, please. I barely even mess around with that standard and safe stuff. I like to be daring in my sushi adventures and eat things some people may find kinda odd, such as uni (aka sea urchin), sweet shrimp with the fried shrimp head (yes I eat the whole head and its amazing), orange clam, or little baby squid as pictured above! It’s DELISH! My favorite place to try new and wild sushi is Hirozen Gourmet in LA. They always have a unique selection of seafood treats and they have opened my palette to so many new tastes! They even have things I never knew existed such as “white salmon” — yep salmon whose meat is white not pink. And it’s tasty!

So yep, I’m pretty much the Andrew Zimmern of sushi eating. 😉 What about you? Any “weird” food things you’re super into?? I promise I won’t judge!

  • CC - Lately reading your blog has made my mouth water from all the yummy things you’re posting! Yummmmm I love sushi 🙂

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