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i <3 this: breaking bad

Oh man, oh man!!!! I have been watching AMC’s Breaking Bad for several years now, and is it just me or does every season get more and more INTENSE?! The premise of the show is Walter White, a former high school chemistry teacher with terminal cancer, turning into a very bad drug dealer/meth cooker. The creators have said its watching “Mr. Chips turn into Scarface.” And with this season… looks like our sweet old Walter has turned Scarface indeed!!! This season was full of twists and turns and painfully intense moments that had me holding onto AJ squealing “OMG! OMG!” The finale was unexpected and well written!! So I had to give a shout out to this show because it’s truly awesome, and my Sunday nights will feel very empty during its off season….

Do any of you watch Breaking Bad?? If so holla at me!!’

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