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i <3 this: home by novogratz

I have been watching a lot of HGTV lately and one show I am simply loving is Home By Novogratz!! The designs that Rob and Courtney Novogratz do are simply STUNNING! They are so bold and fun and really quirky, which I love. I honestly wish I had the creativity and courage to try some of their color combos and ideas in my home decor! I honestly love their style so much and would just swoooon and die to live in a place designed by them! But it’s very hard for me decorating on their own to try to envision how things would look their way. But I want to try. As I think about revamping some rooms over at Chez Henning, I definitely want to try to infuse a little Novogratz inspiration! Because seriously, they ROCK!!!

Do you watch Home By Novogratz? What do you think of their quirky design aesthetic?

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