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i <3 this: pink + orange interior decor

on the left: interior by the Novogratz via Coochicoos; on the right: DIY Union Jack Dresser by Southern Eclectic

Sooo, I kinda have an obsession with PINK + ORANGE! Case in point, I own not one but two orange-pink purses. My wedding colors were “tangerine and raspberry” which is a fancy-pants way to say orange an pink. And… if I could I just might live in all orange + pink. Blame it on spending my entire childhood playing Barbies… But the truth is when I see these colors I get overjoyed and infused with a sense of positivity and can-do spirit! This color combo, more than any other, is me. Vibrant, bold, loud, bubbly, maybe even sickeningly sweet and not apologizing for any of it.

Sure I might dress in lots of orange + pink but when it’s come to home decor… well I’m all dark and espresso. Maybe a pink or coral accent here and there but really? Its bland up in my hizzy y’all! I really want to redecorate if I ever have a pare moment and the above pink and orange interior decor inspiration just brings me JOY! That bold orange boudoir (with what I believe is a sexy Madonna poster over the bed) is SEXY, no? And how’s about an acid-tripped out orange and pink union jack?! Painted on a dresser?! FIERCETACLULAR. rawwwr.

I heart hearty heart. Now? Just gotta convince the hubby he hearts this too! 😉

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