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How To Refresh Tacky Closet Doors! {DIY for the home}

I’ve shared with you how I DIY’d chevron curtains and made a Linear Chandelier! And now I have one more home improvement project to share, which is really cool! It’s a step by step how to for a DIY closet door update! If you have any chintzy mirrored closet doors in your place you will love this easy chic project!

I wasn’t a fan of the mirrored closet doors that came with all the bedrooms in our place. They have no charm and they have a horrible brass trim which to me looks so very 90’s. But I assumed (incorrectly) a fix or new door would be expensive. The ladies of Madison Modern Home suggested I cover the mirrored doors in my office with grasscloth and repaint the trim for a fresh look! I was smitten with the idea and kinda amazed it was doable! They sent me this link on how to do it– –which was very inspirational, though we did end up doing things a bit differently.

Here’s a hint of how the doors looked before:


  • Grasscloth Wallpaper (we used THIS)
  • wall paper primer
  • heavy duty wall paper paste
  • wallpaper squeegee
  • Xacto knife
  • spray paint for metal

First … We took the mirrored doors off the track and took them outside. We taped off/covered the mirror area and just spray painted the brass trim a white color. We also spray painted the top of the track for the doors in my office!

Second… We went down to our local Wallpaper store, Goleta Valley Paint, and they didn’t have any vinyl on vinyl paste like my instructions suggested. Instead they suggested using a wallpaper primer to paint over the mirror to make it more textured/rough so the paste has something to grip. They also suggested a heavy duty wall paper paste. So that’s what we ended up using!

Third… We painted the primer on the mirrors just as if it were paint. It went on easy and dried quickly!!!

Fourth… Once the primer dried, it was time to apply the wallpaper! Cut the wallpaper to be a few inches longer than the length of your door. This is the piece you will work with! We used a paint roller to roll the heavy duty wall paper paste onto the BACK of the grasscloth as well as onto the mirror directly. We then laid down the paper and pressed (with the squeegee) from the center to the edges to make sure it was smooth and flat. On grasscloth always go side to side, never top to bottom!!!

Fifth… The Wallpaper was about 4 inches wider than our door, which means the excess paper had to be trimmed! We went around the edges with a ruler and an Xacto knife to trim straight edges! The great thing about the texture of the grasscloth is it hides mess ups and imperfections quite well!

Once you’re done, give it a few minutes to dry (I found that it dried VERY quickly) and then hang them back up! Here’s my finished project!

Ta-da! The project cost me about $125 for the two doors! I plan on doing this to all the other closet doors in our condo! It’s such an easy, cheap fix and adds so much WOW factor!

Hope you found this post helpful and inspiring! xo, Ash

  • Peter - Hello,

    I came across your blog while I was searching some info on boudoir photography and then I read your article about how you wallpaper your closet mirrored doors. If you don’t mind I would like to ask you some questions since I’m about to rent an apt. that has mirrored walls, one wall in the living room another one in the bedroom. they cover the hall wall. The hall process which you explained really well, looks straight forward. I’m concern about the wallpaper not sticking well to the mirrors, or any bubbles or imperfections. Have you suffer from any of this? (this is the wallpaper that I would like to get

    Another question that I have is, do you know if is easy to remove the wallpaper from the mirrors? I’m concern about how the primer and the paste will affect the mirror. Since I will be renting the apt I don’t want to damage them.

    oh and by the way your house is amazing. You have gave me a lot of good ideas.

    Thank you for your time.

    Best Regards,


    P.S. Great Photography !

  • arlene - Puertas de closet cambiandole el estilo.

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