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Behind The Scenes | Ashleigh Taylor Photography 2011

Well folks…its December! The LAST MONTH OF 2011!!! Can someone explain to me how that happened?? This year seemed to blur by! But what an amazing blur it has been! 🙂

Every year, around December (and sometimes rolling a little into January) I like to do a series of blog posts that review and sum up the past year. It really helps me relive all the fun and awesomeness of the past year and see how far I’ve come!

Last year, I debuted a Behind The Scenes post where I showcased all the photos I could find of me shooting weddings in 2010! To my complete surprise, it was a big huge hit, and I got so much feed back that people loved seeing me in action. So now that 2011 is coming to a close, I decided to spend an hour or two digging through all the photos from the weddings I shot this year…searching and searching for photos of me in action! It was kinda like playing Where’s Waldo!

Well… I found some doozies that I hope you will enjoy! 😉 Without further ado, here is Behind The Scenes of Ashleigh Taylor Photography 2011!

Here I am with Frances + Jared, shooting their First Look and romantics:

Getting a few portraits of the groom! Excuse the greasy hair please, it was over 100 degrees outside that day! YIKES!!!

What’s better than shooting on the beach with toes in your sand? Shooting an adorable couple on the beach– like Lauren + Drew! 🙂

I LOVE shooting romantics! I always have a dopey smile on my face when shooting them, no matter how hot or cold it is outside! 😉

I always make sure to line up everyone for family shots and angle them just right for the perfect photo!

I LOVE showing my clients pics on the back of the camera and seeing their reaction! I think they love it too because they can see right away that they look amazing!

I always tell my the bridal party how to lift up the bride’s dress just enough so you can step in close to her without stepping on her dress! That’s what I’m doing here. Serious business friends!

I LOVE this picture! The light was fading as we walked back from the beach to the reception… and we chatted about Boardwalk Empire! Being friends with your clients is rad!

Just explaining poses to get the shot!

Yep, I can handle a big old bridal party and get them to have fun!! 🙂

Just chatting with the groom as I take some portraits of him!

This is me at my destination wedding this year!! Which was in New England in November! It was a chilly, windy 40 degrees that day so I bundled appropriately but also pretty snazzy! My hat had sequins– dressy and yet keeps the head warm and cozy! 😉

I always make sure to check the back of the camera to make sure I got the shot before we move on!!

I’m a shorty. A REAL shorty. So my secret to getting great angles and pics often involves standing on chairs, benches and whatever solid furniture I can find! 😉

We shot Skylar + AJ’s romantics on a suspension bridge!! What daredevils we were! Not gonna lie there were a few moments I was a little nervous but SkyJ is so sexy, I quickly forgot where I was and rocked the shots out!

That’s me showing a bridesmaid how to pose!! Sexy right? LOL

Just shooting a wedding in autumn, in New Hampshire, on the grounds of a Castle… that’s all! 😉

This me showing a bride how I want her to pose. Aren’t I adorable? 😉

Fun with my bride Carolyn in her ATP Phunky Booth!

I also LOVE getting fun shots in regular style photo booths too! Here are some great ones from 2011!

If you provide a pimp hat as a photobooth prop, I will pose with it on. Yeeeeah dawgz! I’m gangsta.

What a goofball I am!

Well folks, there you have at! A look at what goes on behind the scenes at one of my weddings! Hope you enjoyed! 🙂

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