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Ashleigh Taylor Photography: Behind The Scenes!

I was inspired by J*‘s post to also dig through all my photos from the year and try to show some pictures of me in action at weddings! You know just in case anyone is wondering what it’s like behind the scenes when Ashleigh Taylor Photography shoots a wedding! I really wish I had thought more of this in advance– like January 2010 in advance– because unfortunately I don’t have pics of me at every wedding I shot! Its kinda sad…like I wasn’t even there…except I was! Oh I was! But I figured, let me show you the fun and funny photos I do have of me in action! So without further ado, here I am…in all my glory…shooting weddings!!! :::drumrolls::

I’m a shorty so I always try to find chairs I can stand on…Yeah, I’ll do anything to grab a shot!

Sometimes I’m a little touchy-feely to get just the right pose from my clients!!

I LOVE showing my clients photos from the back of the camera and seeing how excited they get! That always makes me happy!!

Um, I dunno what’s going on here. I was clearly intensely focused on something! And thanks to the hubs for capturing me looking oh so sexy! 😉

I LOVE when I get to shoot alongside my hubby!! We make an awesome team!!

Awwwww me + Laurie at Pam + Justin‘s wedding! Laurie is my photog friend from DC, so when I shot Pam’s DC wedding I HAD to have her along to 3rd shoot! Shooting with friends always yields fab pics!

I’m so adorable! Right???? Clearly I am.

Again, I LOVE showing my brides how dang gorgeous they look!! I think they love the instant feedback too! 😉

Always love getting a shot with my clients! Because by the time the wedding rolls around, my clients have become my good friends! Love you Ryan + Kristina! <3

Where’s waldo?! I mean Ashleigh. Where’s Ashleigh? I DARE you to find me in this photo. And hint, I’m standing on a chair again! 😉

I also LOVEEEEE getting photo booth pics at weddings!! Here is one from when I shot with [b]ecker!
Here are some super fun pics from Tyler + Christine‘s wedding! LOVE how much fun they had in the booth with me & AJ!!
It’s okay, you can admit we are hilarious!!
Lastly, here is I am with Cindee at Roy + Kristine‘s wedding. I kinda told Cindee I wouldn’t post this….but I can’t resist!! SO please everyone leave comments telling her how very cute she is!!
Oh the memories! I LOVED every single wedding I shot in 2010! All my clients were AMAZING and I’m so thankful to them for enabling me to live the dream! 😉 I can’t WAIT for my 2011 weddings and already love all my 2011 brides! 😉 And, I’m also excited for the 2011 brides I have yet to meet! So if you are getting married in 2011,  I’d love to hear from you and chat to see how I can be a part of your big day!!! 😉
  • Kristina McCormick - Ashleigh my girrllll!! Love this Behind The Scenes section you put together (: and so in love with my engagement and wedding pics to this very minute!I’m SO glad we had a picture taken with you at our wedding, made me SO happy to see it above <3 You have a special place in our hearts FOR EVA!!! You're the bestest!!

  • Candee - Looks like you’re a ton of fun! =] cute photobooth shots!

  • Tracy - you are too cute ash! we’ve got to hit the town and shoot together one day. xo

  • Dan - You guys are so cute! I would NEVER shoot a wedding with my wife. She’s a lousy photographer!!!!!!!! But please don’t tell her I said so! Ha!

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